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How to Own Your Story: The Power and Purpose of Strategic Storytelling

Story is often talked about but few people fully understand it. Often those that do are consultants who want to hold onto their IP. That is not Jason Thompson’s approach. Having worked in advertising, television, film, video games, and education, Jason knows the best way to build and evolve powerful storytelling is to support people in understanding how to do it for themselves.

By watching this TEC Canada Deeper Insights webinar, you’ll explore Jason’s OWN YOUR STORY framework that helps leaders FIND their unique backstories, CREATE meaningful emotional connections and SHARE their narratives to build trust and inspire action. As you reflect on this past year and think about your leadership goals for 2023, this webinar will provide some tips and tricks on strategic storytelling principles to grow your confidence, clarity and conviction.

Watch “How to Own Your Story: The Power and Purpose of Strategic Storytelling” with Jason Thompson below!

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