When it comes to business – are you thinking about future incrementally or exponentially? Dave Nelsen is a long-time entrepreneur who has founded and run several companies, including social media pioneer TalkShoe. With a firm belief that every company is a technology company – even if you don’t sell a technology product – Nelson depicts how technology is the ultimate differentiator for higher profitability during your recovery. During his captivating webinar with actionable take-aways for every business, Nelson covers topics including:

» Data beyond COVID-19 – Leverage the numbers to point you towards opportunity

» Stop viewing this as ‘The Great Wait’ and start viewing every opportunity as ‘don’t wait!’

» The three business imperatives that you must implement right now

After viewing Dave Nelson’s “Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Our New Covid-19 World and Building a Better Business” webinar, you will be supplied with a better understanding of exponentials and how the combat your brain’s linear tendencies – helping you gain a competitive advantage by learning to anticipate and think exponentially about your operations.

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