Andrea Dutescu Vanacke
In addition to being the CEO & Founder of SPARK5, Andreaa Dutescu Vanacker is a creative strategist, author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur with extensive international experience. Throughout her “Creating Human-Centric Cultures in a New Era” webinar, Andreaa expertly guides attendees through topics including:
» Neuroscience data on the questions leaders should be asking themselves to create high performance and human-centric cultures in turbulent times
» Understand how stress impacts performance to increase trust and employee motivation
» Thought-provoking insights on why your current culture is not thriving
As endorsing the principles of human-centric organizations can optimize performance, maximize well-being, and enhance relationships with team members and customers, can you afford not to incorporate it into your culture? After watching Andreaa Dutescu Vanacker’s “Creating Human-Centric Cultures in a New Era” webinar, you will be equipped with the tools to create a healthy and collaborative environment that results in fewer sick days, higher productivity – taking your organization to new heights.

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