Bill Bishop – keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and author of 11 books such as How To Sell A Lobster & The New Factory Thinker – details the art of “Creating a Successful Virtual Business for the New Reality” throughout his insightful webinar. Throughout the webinar, Bishop’s provides expertise on topics including:

» The new virtual principles, strategies, processes, and business models needed to quickly plan and build a successful virtual business with little cost.

» How to develop and package a virtual value proposition that will position your company as an essential business during these challenging times.

» How to get new customers during the pandemic by tapping into virtual sales and marketing networks.

As the traditional sales method becomes more difficult – and expensive – to properly execute, Bishop guides participants through the new age of virtual business and how to effectively pivot your organization to maximum effectiveness – virtually.

View the accompanying “Creating a Successful Virtual Business for the New Reality” PowerPoint here.

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