To what extent is your firm’s goal completion correlated to its organizational design? Dwight Mihalicz – International Speaker, Author, and Management Consultant – details the art of “Creating a Resilient Organization” through his TEC webinar. From detailing possible outcomes that stem from various organizational structures to outlining how business leaders can optimize their value-add – Mihalicz’s webinar provides a thorough overview of timely topics including:

» Why organization design matters

» Why it’s so hard to get the right people into the right roles

» How accountability and authority can be used to get people focused on the right work

» How accountability and authority can be used to break down silos

While every business has good intentions while implementing its strategy, aspects such as organizational churn and inability to focus on the “right” work often derail the success of a firm. After viewing Mihalicz’s webinar, you will be knowledgable of what employees don’t have enough of, how to mitigate silos, and how to skillfully navigate stress-times in your operations – achieving organizational resilience that can weather any storm.

Interested in downloading the accompanying PDF of the PowerPoint presentation? Download the “Creating a Resilient Organization” here.

Also available for download is the White Paper – The Effective Point of Accountability® (EPA)

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