Why do we love our favorite stories? Defined as the “Hero’s Journey” – the stories that resonate with us the most are encapsulated by inspiring narratives that depict the protagonist overcoming adversity. When the current crisis is finally behind us, what stories – about your company, your family, your relationships, and yourself – do you want to be able to tell?

Both inspirational and deeply practical, Dr. Eve Meceda’s interactive webinar offers a set of specific tools to make your story notable including:

» Where to focus your time, attention, and resources for maximum benefit

» Actionable items that you and your organization can take to write a narrative of leadership during this time

In her insightful “ Crafting Your Hero’s Journey Story” webinar, Dr. Eve Meceda expands the concept of the “Hero’s Journey” to become applicable to today’s business leaders. After viewing Meceda’s insightful webinar, you will understand the steps required to lay the foundations of your “Hero’s Journey” – today.

Interested in downloading the accompanying PDF of the PowerPoint presentation? Download “Crafting Your Hero’s Journey Storyhere.

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