High conversational capacity has a direct correlation to the effectiveness of your organization and team. Utilizing research in leadership studies, business management, psychology, and neuroscience – Craig Weber depicts how to find the perfect balance of curiosity and candor throughout his “Conversational Capacity: A Foundational Competence” webinar.

» The broad applications of conversational capacity in business – and in life.

» How to facilitate greater communication and collaboration, run better meetings (even when they’re virtual), orchestrate more robust decision making, and generate higher levels of genuine engagement.

After viewing Weber’s insightful webinar, you will be aware of your impact in shaping the conversations and actions within your organization. Complete with tips to help you navigate emotional reactions, Craig Weber’s “Conversational Capacity: A Foundational Competence” webinar details the trajectory to becoming a more effective leader and how to keep your team in the “sweet spot” during this time.

Interested in downloading the accompanying PDF of the PowerPoint presentation? Download the “Conversational Capacity: A Foundational Competence” PowerPoint here.

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