Are you assessing the capacity of your business strategically? Alan Oishi’s insightful “Capacity During the Pandemic” webinar outlines contemporary capacity challenges, current growth avenues, and assists business leaders in determining the capacity of various business functions. Oishi’s webinar spans timely topics including:

» A new perspective on looking at the capacity of a business

» How this new perspective on capacity helps to understand the financial impact of the pandemic

» What to consider in managing capacity, both short term and long term

By helping business leaders minimize the productivity gap of their firm, providing insights regarding new revenue generation, and maximizing production potential – Alan Oishi’s “Capacity During the Pandemic” will equip you with the tools to avoid bottlenecks and be as successful as possible in the current business environment.

View the accompanying PowerPoint for Alan Oishi’s insightful “Capacity During the Pandemic” webinar here.

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