Jack Daly – leading sales speaker and trainer with over 30 years of sales and executive experience – guides business leaders in the field of sales and sales management towards success in the highly competitive and complex environment. Thoroughly covering the dynamic art of sales, Daly reveals street-proven tactics to help you reach the top of your game in today’s new normal. The “How to Maintain Focus on Sales with Sensitivity to Current Events” webinar spans topics including:

» We all start the week with 168 hours; focus on what you have control over – don’t dwell on things you cannot control

» Stop selling and start helping people buy. How to be a resource to help people with their needs and problems – even if they don’t buy your stuff right now

»  How to rebound – both in life and business – building resilience to be better on the other side

You know that your sales force needs to exist in this environment, and Daly’s webinar depicts how to strategically remain focused on your targets and reemerge even stronger than before.

Download the accompanying PowerPoint here.

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