Communication skills are imperative for successfully diversifying your workforce and conducting global business. Lance Descourouez’s insightful “Building Global Communication Skills: Leading A Multi-National Workforce” webinar depicts methods for strategically shifting cultural perspectives and behaviors that bridge cultural differences. With over 20 years of intercultural training and management consulting experience in 32 countries, across three continents and within 35 industries – Descourouez encompasses topics including:

» The difference between “relationship-oriented” and “action-oriented” cultures

» Five core skills to lead strategically during turbulent times

» How to engage in courageous & visionary conversations for clarity and accountability

» Successful human connection and organizational transformation

As business leaders continue to build teams of multinational workers from a variety of backgrounds, traditional leadership challenges can be exacerbated. Complete with a comprehensive summary of best practices to achieve optimal communication and skills required lead strategically during turbulent times, Lance Descourouez reveals how to become a more effective leader and make your team more efficient.

Interested in downloading the accompanying PowerPoint of Lance’s presentation? Download “Building Global Communication Skills: Leading A Multi-National Workforce” here.

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