The #1 rule in making predictions is to get the current situation right. With headlines sensationalizing new information, concluding the economic outlook is difficult. Dr. Peter Andersen, the former assistant chief of the Bank of Canada’s research department, relies on years of data and financial models to give an accurate analysis of the present and future economic situation.

In this timely episode of The Deeper Insights webinar series, Dr. Andersen analyzes key indicators to watch for, while providing insight into which industries are positioned to bounce back the fastest. If you’re curious about how present data and trends will influence the Canadian, American, and global economies, watch this webinar to equip yourself with the information needed to make more informed – and better – business decisions.

Before watching this webinar, download the accompanying PDF here.

Interested in more economic insights? Please read the August edition of the Monthly Andersen Economic Report – complete with comprehensive analysis from Dr. Peter Andersen – here.

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