“At times like these, when so much in our daily lives have been upended by COVID-19, we all have many questions. How is the economy doing? Will things get better? What is the outlook for jobs? Will there be a return to in-person work? What will happen to business travel? Should the government be doing more? What is happening to inflation? What will I do with my pricing? When should I start to expand my workforce? The TEC Canada CEO Confidence Index Q2 2021 attempts to give some answers.”

Dr. Peter Andersen, Economist, on the TEC Canada CEO Confidence Index.

The TEC Canada CEO Confidence Index is a quarterly survey measuring the confidence of Canadian business leaders of small-to-medium enterprises. The results provide insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by leaders and their confidence in the Canadian business environment.

The TEC Canada CEO Confidence Index Q2 2021 was conducted from March 11th, 2021 to March 31st, 2021, and had nearly 250 Canadian participants in the research.



Watch the video below to hear economist Dr. Peter Andersen analyze TEC’s latest CEO Confidence Index – a measurement of the real-time pulse within Canada’s small and midsize business sector. 



About Dr. Peter Andersen

Dr. Peter Andersen is an inde­pendent consulting econo­mist specializing in economic forecasting. He obtained his doctorate in economics from Harvard University. Early in his career, he was Assistant Chief of the Bank of Canada’s Research Department where he advised the Governor and Bank of Canada management on economic conditions and the economic outlook.

Later as a partner with a national management consult­ing firm, Andersen was an economic consultant and advi­sor to a wide range of compa­nies. He has always empha­sized communication and the need to put economic analysis into terms that are useful for business decision-making.

Dr. Andersen also spent sever­al years with several major Bay Street investment dealer firms before founding Andersen Economic Research Inc. His clients are widely distributed across a broad range of corpo­rations and financial institutions throughout North America.

His objective is to act as a filter, separating the signals from the noise, in order to provide clients with the useful infor­mation that they really need. In his consulting practice, he provides strategic economic advice to senior management through boardroom meetings, video conferencing, email commentary, conference calls, and the monthly Andersen Economic Report.

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