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The international commodity outlook has been dimmed by weak economic reports from the Euro Area. The one bright spot is the recent downturn in the trade-weighted USD. A weaker USD increases the commodity purchasing power of global commodity consumers. It also increases world oil demand as the price of oil in local currency terms becomes more affordable.


  • Canada’s economy is in trouble. Growth came to a near standstill in the 4th Quarter and the domestic economy has been declining since mid-2018. The Canadian dollar (around 74.50 cents U.S.) is providing key support to Canada’s economy by sustaining the Canadian dollar revenues for Canada’s exporters.*


  • The media commentary is that business investment is “waning,” but that is wrong – U.S. business investment is rebounding. There is a recent surge in business spending on “intellectual property products” (software, research and development); is it larger than business spending on non-residential structures.


  • Weakness is widespread in Europe. Italy is officially in a recession, industrial activity in Germany is down by 3.6%, and continued Brexit uncertainty is dampening economic activity.

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*Made-in-Canada recession: A made-in-Canada recession occurs when the Canadian economy experiences a downturn while the United States, our most important trading partner, experiences growth. With the Canadian price of imported U.S. equipment and supplies now at elevated levels, there is a substitution underway to Canadian sources supplies. If Canada slips into a made-in-Canada recession in 2019, one policy option would be a further devaluation of the CAD. Another possible policy option would be easing in the mortgage stress-test.

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