Zahra Al-Harazi on What it Takes to Lead With Purpose


In this episode of The Leadership Standard podcast, host Gair Maxwell chats with Zahrah Al-Harazi—Co-founder of, bestselling author of “What It Takes”, TEDx speaker, and international speaker.

A survivor of two civil wars, Al-Harazi immigrated to Canada with her three children in 1996. She had no higher education or connections and very little understanding of the business world, but her entrepreneurial spirit quickly led her to start her first company Foundry Communications, an internationally recognized Canadian creative powerhouse.

Zahra has been named one of Canada’s most powerful women among numerous other accolades including Top 40 Under 40 and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.

With a specialty in understanding the complexities required for building an intelligent, talented, multi-generational workforce, Zahra Al-Harazi draws on her experience as a refugee, immigrant, entrepreneur and community builder to lead organizations to success.

Tune into this unforgettable conversation below.

Headshot of Zahra Al-Harazi
  • [14:48] How she defines “leadership”
  • [17:28] The complexities involved in building an intelligent, talented and multigenerational workforce
  • [19:11] “The companies that talk about agility the loudest are the ones that have none”
  • [21:25] Admirable companies that she believes truly understand their purpose
  • [23:17] What she believes is the outcome for companies who don’t have a deeply engrained purpose
  • [25:26] Hardships and mistakes she has experience throughout her leadership journey
  • [30:40] Personal and professional accomplishments she is most proud of

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