Interview with Francis Cholle – Author, educator, adviser, and founder of SQUIRCLE


Francis Cholle – Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-selling author – uses deep human learning and cognitive science to help leaders and organizations solve complex problems and thrive in times of disruption. As an international speaker, he has presented at Davos World Economic Forum, on the TED stage, Wharton and Columbia Universities, just to name a few.

His latest book, SQUIRCLE A New Way to Think for a New World, offers a simple yet unconventional science-based model for business leaders to make decisions in today’s dynamic environment – and provides the framework for a captivating conversation with Gair Maxwell, branding expert, and podcast host. In addition to revealing the origins of SQUIRCLE, which began over 10 years ago while consulting with his international clients, Francis shares actionable insights to help business leaders conquer the unique problems of today and guide them away from the techniques of the past.

Before listening to this fascinating and timely episode of The Leadership Standard, we encourage you to take the SQUIRCLE test, which was designed to foster self-reflection and promote open discussion with others. Whether your preference is for a SQUARE or a CIRCLE approach, your result will add context to Francis Cholle’s insights and provide you with a deeper understanding to make better decisions – personally and professionally.

For complimentary access to the SQUIRCLE test, Canadian residents can text EZSQUIRCLE to 393939.

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