Episode intro image. Title reads: Standing up for respect in sport, school, &the workplace.

Standing Up for Respect in Sport, School, and the Workplace


In this episode of The Leadership Standard podcast, host Gair Maxwell chats with guests Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil of Respect Group Inc. On a mission to empower individuals to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD), Respect Group offers best-in-class interactive, online training courses to inspire a global culture of respect. To date, over two million individuals have become Respect Group certified.

Throughout his eight-year NHL career, Sheldon Kennedy won a Memorial Cup and a World Junior Gold Medal. By courageously sharing his experience as a teenage victim of abuse, Sheldon has played an impactful role in bringing governments, public and private sector partners together to change policies and the way child abuse is handled.

Trustee and Vice-Chairman of the Rocky View School Division and volunteer President of the Sheldon Kennedy Foundation, Wayne McNeil has served as Chairman of the Alberta Gymnastics Federation and as founding Board member of the Calgary and Area Child Advocacy Centre for six years. Respect Group Inc is also B-Corp certified—read our chat with Wayne here.

Wayne McNeil and Sheldon Kennedy’s story, advocacy, and perseverance has changed the landscape of respectful places to work, play, and learn. Join us for this unforgettable conversation.

Headshots of Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNei - the two men standing up for respect in sport, school, &the workplace.


  • [1:00] How Sheldon & Wayne crossed paths and decided to bring Respect Group to life
  • [5:34] The red flags leaders need to be on the lookout for to identify bullying, harassment, abuse, and discrimination
  • [16:09] How to intervene if you witness bullying, harassment, abuse, or discrimination in sport, school, or the workplace
  • [37:46] How younger generations tend to have a deep understanding of respect
  • [45:08] How Wayne & Sheldon define ‘leadership’
  • [48:29] Leadership mistakes Wayne & Sheldon have made

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