Leadership Symphony: Navigating AI Innovation and Creativity
with Mitch Joel


Elevate Your Leadership Game: Uncover the Strategies of a Visionary Entrepreneur! 🚀

Dive into a game-changing episode of TEC Canada’s Leadership Standard featuring the remarkable Mitch Joel. From rock band writing in the ’80s to co-founding a digital marketing powerhouse, Joel’s journey is a masterclass in creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge leadership.

Building Powerhouse Partnerships: Discover Joel’s secrets to forging unbreakable business bonds, emphasizing teamwork, and always directing efforts against challenges, not each other.

🤖 AI Unleashed: Navigate the delicate balance of utilizing AI for creativity without sacrificing quality. Joel’s insights into leveraging AI as a “co-pilot” for ideation provide a roadmap for leaders seeking innovation.

Podcasting Mastery: Uncover the magic behind Joel’s two-decade-long podcasting consistency. Learn the art of maintaining passion, building a backlog, and engaging in insightful conversations with industry leaders.

Leadership Alchemy: Explore the blend of innate talents and learned skills that define true leadership. Joel’s advice on leading with empathy, emotional intelligence, and vision is a must-hear for every business leader.

Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your leadership skills! Tune in now to The Leadership Standard Podcast for a dose of inspiration, practical insights, and strategies from a leader who’s been there, done that, and continues to thrive. Your leadership journey is about to reach new heights—click play and join the conversation!

About Mitch Joel

Join host Jamie Mason Cohen in an inspiring conversation with Daniel Pink, a seven times, New York Times best-selling author.

Mitch Joel is a visionary strategist sought after by leading brands like Google, Walmart, and TikTok for his insights into the future of business and consumer behavior. With nearly three decades of experience in technology and media, Joel’s expertise spans from publishing and marketing to founding and selling his own agency to WPP, a global marketing giant.

As co-founder of ThinkersOne, Joel empowers companies with personalized thought leadership content from top thinkers worldwide. A bestselling author, his books “Six Pixels of Separation” and “CTRL ALT Delete” have earned acclaim, with the latter named one of the best business books of 2013 by Amazon. Joel’s dynamic speaking style, showcased in 40-60 keynote presentations annually, leaves audiences informed and inspired to navigate the evolving business landscape.

Recognized as one of Forbes’ “Speakers Worth Catching” and a top online marketer, Joel also serves as an advisor and investor in AI, smart audio, martech, fintech, and blockchain ventures. He contributes to esteemed publications like Harvard Business Review and Inc. Magazine, and sits on advisory boards for notable organizations,

Episode Highlights

00:06:08:00 – 00:06:38:09 – The Genesis of Writing in the Music Industry
00:06:38:11 – 00:07:02:11 – Technological Breakthrough: Pioneering Advancements
00:07:39:10 – 00:07:56:12 – Entrepreneurial Journey: Founding a Digital Marketing Agency
00:09:32:09 – 00:09:46:18 – Thought Leadership: Crafting Influence and Impact
00:10:36:02 – 00:11:02:13 – Building Networks: The Importance of Surrounding Oneself with the Right People
00:12:35:04 – 00:12:57:24 – Professional Focus: The Art of Staying in Your Lane
00:17:56:18 – 00:18:15:02 – Strategy and Tactics: The Knives Out Approach
00:20:57:04 – 00:21:20:18 – Adaptation and Innovation: Embracing Technological Evolution
00:22:34:12 – 00:23:18:06 – Navigating Disruption: Riding the Wave in Transitional Periods
00:26:20:06 – 00:26:42:15 – Leveraging AI Tools: Optimizing Work Processes
00:27:32:05 – 00:27:56:08 – AI Integration: Enhancing Work Efficiency and Critical Thinking
00:37:04:14 – 00:37:27:15 – Longevity in Podcasting: Strategies for Sustained Success
00:49:34:24 – 00:49:56:00 – Leadership Attributes: Characteristics of Great Leaders
00:51:08:18 – 00:51:30:00 – The Essence of Leadership: Defining the Role and Responsibilities
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