TEC Canada members and their respective companies are influential in various spheres, ranging from innovative business strategies to significant contributions in social initiatives, all while advancing their personal and professional growth.

Here are recent highlights from the TEC Canada community that we think deserve recognition, applause, and celebration!

Shane currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer and founder at Custom Health.

Shane Bishop, Founder and CEO of Custom Health Inc.| TEC Canada Member in Kelowna, BC

Custom Health Inc. Goes Public Through SPAC Merger at $185M Valuation

Shane Bishop is a pharmacist and the founder and CEO of Custom Health Inc., a frontrunner in digital healthcare solutions that develops innovative software for tracking medications used by patients. He is also a TEC Canada member in Kelowna, BC.

We are excited to join in the celebration of Custom Health Inc., debuting in the public market via a merger with Berenson Acquisition Corp., a leading special purpose acquisition company (SPAC)! The merger positions Custom Health at a pre-money equity valuation of $185 million.

Details of Custom Health Inc.’s Latest Deal

The arrangement with Berenson Acquisition Corp. promises to funnel $11.1 million from the SPAC’s trust to Custom Health, assuming no redemptions. The deal also opens the door for possible additional financing, although the specifics of this potential financing remain undisclosed. The proposed transaction is predicted to conclude during the second quarter of 2024, in line with customary closing conditions.

To learn more about Custom Health Inc., Shane Bishop, and this growing Canadian business success story, click here.

A Historic $447 Million Contract for Prevost

Prevost—the leading North American manufacturer of premium passenger coaches and conversion coaches for high-end motorhomes and specialty conversions—has just landed the most significant contract in its history with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of New York City, for the construction of 381 coaches, valued at over $447 million!

The contract includes a firm order for 250 coaches to be delivered between 2025 and 2026, along with options to purchase an additional 131 coaches. The model to be manufactured is the X3-45, designed for collective transportation between suburbs.

“A little over a year ago, the folks at Prevost began intense discussions with the MTA, responsible for urban transport throughout the city of New York, aiming to bid on a major tender. A year later, we’re all gathered here to celebrate,” – François Tremblay, President, Prevost & Volvo Group Canada / Volvo Buses North America, and TEC Canada member.

Learn more about Provost’s largest deal to date and its positive impact on the Quebec and Canadian economy here.

PRESIDENT, Prevost & Volvo Group Canada / Volvo Buses North America

Francois Tremblay, President of Prevost & Volvo Group Canada / Volvo Buses North America | TEC Canada Member in Quebec, QC

Kristi Cawthorn, CEO, Startec Group of Companies | TEC Canada Member in Calgary, AB

Kristi Cawthorn, CEO, Startec Group of Companies | TEC Canada Member in Calgary, AB

Kristi Cawthorn Advocates for Alberta Business in Ottawa, ON.

On October 2, Kristi Cawthorn joined the largest delegation in a generation of Alberta business leaders who travelled in the capital to meet with federal government officials. Their mission was twofold: to share a renewed narrative about Alberta as a province, and to reinforce Canada’s opportunity to lead. Their message was clear and concise: Canada has an incredible opportunity to lead globally, and Alberta wants to help.

For her part, Kristi’s message focused on what the federal government can do to create and support an export market for Canadian clean technology, an industry Startec is heavily involved in.

“I’m really optimistic about what Alberta can do, not just for Albertans, but for the country. We have been and will continue to be a powerhouse of the economic engine of Canada. And it’s my strong belief that it’s attitude that sets us apart and will be our success as a province.” – Kristi Cawthorn, CEO, Startec Group of Companies and a TEC Canada member

To read more about this historic meeting of Alberta business leaders and federal government officials, click here.

Caroline Dupont Ascends to Chief Financial Officer Role at ADEX Systems Inc., Cementing Her Leadership Legacy

Caroline Dupont has been promoted to the role of Chief Financial Officer at ADEX Systems Inc.! In all aspects of her work, Caroline has brought an expertise and work ethic that she has become known for. As a member of ADEX Systems’ senior leadership for many years and a member of a TEC KEY Executive group in Montreal, QC, Caroline has become a cornerstone in the future of ADEX.

Congratulations, Caroline!

To learn more about ADEX, Canada’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient EIFS cladding materials, click here.

Caroline Dupont, CPA, CA, Vice-présidente, Finances/CFO chez Systèmes Adex | TEC Canada Member in Montreal, QC

Justin Bobier, President and CEO of Crystal Creek Homes Inc

Justin Bobier, President and CEO of Crystal Creek Homes | TEC Canada Member in Calgary, AB

Crystal Creek Homes Celebrates 20 Years in Business

We’re thrilled to join the Calgary and Canadian business community in commemorating the 20th anniversary of Crystal Creek Homes!

Justin Bobier established Crystal Creek Homes in 2004. Initially recognized as a highly skilled and sought-after cabinet installer, Justin ventured into the comprehensive realm of New Home Construction. Since embracing this new direction, Crystal Creek Homes’ has successfully sold over $500 million worth of homes in Calgary and Edmonton, encompassing a diverse range of properties from duplexes to luxurious estate homes.

We congratulate Justin and the entire Crystal Creek Homes team for their remarkable two-decade journey filled with successful projects and noteworthy achievements!

To learn more about Crystal Creek Homes, and their unwavering dedication and commitment to constructing your dream home, click here.

Simard Suspensions Shows Why They’re the Experts in Suspension and Steering Systems for Heavy Trucks

A new short video serves as a reminder that Simard Suspensions are the experts in suspension and steering systems for heavy trucks!

This concrete pump has a vertical reach of over 200 feet and a horizontal reach of over 190 feet. Simard Suspensions was tasked with increasing the vehicle’s maneuverability and supporting it (suspension) during full utilization of its maximum reach. To achieve this, they installed the three front “steering and suspensions” axles (the AMS60TR spring tridem), in addition to the double rear “steering” axles with the required suspensions (AMS20SLA), as well as the 8th axle (from the front) which is also steering.

Check out the video below for a glimpse into the power that Simard Suspensions makes possible for heavy trucks and learn more about Simard Suspensions here.

David Tremblay, CEO at Simard Suspensions / Dramis International

David Tremblay, CEO at Simard Suspensions / Dramis International | TEC Canada Member in Quebec, QC

Karissa Anderson, Founder + CEO of AM/FM Inc. | TEC Canada Member in Edmonton, AB

AM/FM Celebrates Recent Projects and Clients

In a new video, AM/FM celebrates some of their recent projects and clients—because they believe they’re more than just a portfolio—they’re a part of who they are.

Click here to learn more about AM/FM Inc. and check out the video below!

Chris Hardwick | TEC Chair in Vancouver, BC 

Shaun Mayhew, Experience Penfolds Roofing & Solar logo Penfolds Roofing & Solar

Shaun Mayhew, President & CEO of Penfolds Roofing & Solar | TEC Canada Member in Vancouver, BC 

A Kilimanjaro Journey with TEC Canada Peers and Friends

This past September, Chris Hardwick—TEC Chair in Vancouver, BC—embarked on an incredible journey with a group of friends and TEC Canada peers, scaling the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“Among the remarkable individuals who shared this unforgettable experience was Shaun Mayhew, President and CEO of Penfolds Roofing, and a valued member of my TEC CEO Group. Joining us were Dan Miller, a distinguished Vistage Speaker, accompanied by his sons Mitch and Noah. Additionally, Mauricio Rojas, a member of my Trusted Advisor group, and Darrell Kirk, a dear friend and esteemed Business Coach and Speaker, formed our expedition crew. The camaraderie and shared determination made this climb an extraordinary and memorable endeavour for us all.” – Chris Hardwick, TEC Chair in Vancouver, BC

Check out a few photos from this incredible expedition below!

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