Celebrating Recent Triumphs, Milestones, and Successes

Join us in applauding these TEC Canada Members, TEC Chairs, and Speakers!

David Coletto is the founder, Chair, and CEO of Abacus Data.

David Coletto, Founder, Chair, and CEO of Abacus Data | TEC Canada Member in Ottawa, ON

David Coletto Named Among the 100 Most Influential People in Federal Politics and Government

David Coletto is one of Canada’s best-known and most respected public opinion analysts, pollsters, and social researchers. He works with some of North America and Europe’s biggest and most respected brands, associations, and unions and is frequently called upon by news organizations, to assess public opinion as events happen.

Now, the most recent edition of The Hill Times has recognized David Coletto as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Canadian Politics, noting, “When David Coletto releases polling numbers, Ottawa listens.” 

We are proud to applaud David Coletto for his exceptional expertise and growing influence in shaping public discourse and political understanding across Canada!

Learn more about David and Abacus Data here.

Supplement King Opens Its 100th Retail Store With a Celebration

We join Roger King in excitement for Supplement King’s 100th retail store celebration in Victoria, BC! The event engaged tens of thousands of in-store and online customers and featured numerous fitness celebrities and leaders from the supplement industry.

Roger expresses immense gratitude towards the loyal customers of Supplement King who trust them daily for their health and nutrition supplement requirements. Check out the video below for a glimpse into what they describe as “the most thrilling fitness block party ever held in Canada”!

To learn more about Supplement King—Canada’s workout & nutrition products retailer—click here.

Roger King, President at Supplement King Canada

Roger King, President at Supplement King Canada | TEC Canada Member in Halifax, NS

Kate Flynn

Kate Flynn, COO @ Kraun Electric Inc. | TEC Canada Member in St. Catharines, ON

TEC Canada Member Spotlight: Kate Flynn on Fostering Growth, Collaboration, and Inspiration

In a recent LinkedIn post, Kate Flynn shared her heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable support and insights received from her fellow TEC Canada group members and TEC Chair, showcasing the true power of peer advisory and the TEC Canada community!

“This week I reached out to my group seeking insight relative to a current strategic initiative. As always, I was provided valuable insight and varying perspectives from my group members. I am constantly reminded of the benefits of finding yourself a group with whom you can bounce ideas, challenge each other, and cheer each other on. It is something I do not take for granted. The icing on the cake is that this bunch is also a whole lot of fun to be around.” – Kate Flynn, COO at Kraun Electric Inc., and a TEC Canada member

To learn more about Kate’s experiences in business and as a TEC Canada member click here.

Nathan Hall Named Among SHIFTER’s Annual Outstanding Black Men in Canada

We applaud Nathan’s well-deserved recognition on SHIFTER’s annual Outstanding Black Men in Canada list! This list celebrates Black men who have made a positive impact at work, at home, in the community, and culture. It is also about promoting a culture of brotherhood, solidarity, and mutual respect among Black men in Canada while dispelling negative stereotypes.

Since founding Culture Check in 2020, Nathan and his team have provided their services to leading organizations such as Air Canada, RBC, CBC, Metro, and all levels of government across Canada. We are proud that Nathan is also a TEC Canada Speaker, where he generously shares his wealth of knowledge, experience, and insights on crucial topics such as racial inequalities, value misalignment, and workplace inclusivity with TEC Canada members in intimate group settings.

Connect with Nathan Hall: Instagram | LinkedIn and make sure to revisit his Let’s Talk About Race – The Cost of Being Colour Blind on-demand webinar below!

NATHAN HALL | Founder & CEO, Culture Check

Nathan Hall, Founder & CEO, Culture Check | TEC Canada Speaker

Melissa Arrambide, CEO & Founder at Immigration & Mobility - Consulting Firm

Melissa Arrambide, CEO & Founder of Immigration & Mobility – Consulting Firm | TEC Canada Member in Montreal, QC

Celebrating Success: Melissa Arrambide Receives Dual Accolades

Melissa Arrambide, CEO & Founder of Immigration & Mobility – Consulting Firm, has garnered two commendations that warrant applause and celebration! The first marks her milestone of one year as a TEC Canada member, while the second is an additional accolade presented by her peers of a TEC Canada CEO group (led by TEC Chair Suzie Beaudoin). This complementary award recognizes Melissa’s outstanding embodiment of TEC Canada’s core values of Caring, Trust, Challenge, and Growth, alongside the distinctive values of her individual TEC CEO group: Engagement, Respect, and Passion.

Congratulations, Melissa!

To learn more about Immigration & Mobility Consulting Firm, click here.

Celebrating Carlos Fox’s 20 years as a TEC Chair

When Carlos joined the TEC Chair community in 2004, his mission was clear: to connect CEOs and executives who sought business excellence and personal growth. Now, as the Best Practice Chair for Eastern Canada, Carlos has emphasized mentorship, collaboration, and continuous learning and has empowered TEC Chairs across the region to excel in their roles and make a lasting impact on the lives of TEC Canada members.

As we commemorate Carlos’ 20th anniversary, we invite you to join us in recognizing his significant contributions to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEOs and business leaders. Through his mentorship and unwavering support, Carlos continues to inspire future leaders and transform careers and businesses alike.

Join us in congratulating Carlos in the comments of our LinkedIn post here.

Carlos Fox | TEC Canada Chair in Ottawa, ON

Jean Lorchat,General Manager @ Faurecia IRYStec Inc.

Jean Lorchat, General Manager of Faurecia IRYStec Inc. | TEC Canada Member in Montreal, QC

Driving Innovation: Celebrating Faurecia’s Success with FORVIA at CES 2024

FORVIA, the collaborative effort between automotive giants Faurecia and HELLA, has clinched four prestigious awards at the CES 2024 Innovation Awards in the “Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility” category. These accolades highlight groundbreaking advancements including FlatLight | µMX technology for energy-efficient LED taillights, the Skyline Immersive Display for safer driving experiences, the eMirror Safe UX software platform enhancing visibility and safety, and the Light Tile for Transparent Door providing advanced driving assistance information. These innovations signify a significant leap forward in automotive technology, reinforcing FORVIA’s position as a leader in the industry.

To learn more about Faurecia IRYStec’s innovative technology, click here.

Media One Creative Inc. Celebrates 12 Years of Business Success: Releases New Highlight Reel

Driven by its vision of crafting Content Worth Creating, Media One is a creative agency with deep roots and expertise in production, journalism and entertainment—featuring an Oscar and Emmy-winning team, too. To mark their latest milestone of business success, Media One unveiled an exciting new highlight reel, spotlighting their latest projects and collaborative endeavours with clients!

Check out the video below for a glimpse into their dedication and creativity.

To learn more about Media One Creative Inc., click here 

Derek Rider is the CEO and Co-Founder of Media One Creative Inc.,

Derek Rider, CEO & Founder Media One Creative & Media One Group| TEC Canada Member in Toronto, ON

Colin Reid, Vice President - Dealership Solutions at WD Co-Auto

Colin Reid, Vice President – Dealership Solutions at WD Co-Auto | TEC Canada Member in Vancouver, BC

Colin Reid: A Year of Insight, Impact, and Leadership Growth

Colin Reid has been a member of TEC Canada for one year and was recently awarded a celebratory plaque for this milestone! As a part of a TEC KEY Executive group (led by TEC Chair, Julia Oulton), Colin continues to benefit from the experience and impartial advice of exceptional peers—and we applaud him for his continued commitment to gaining deeper insights, making better decisions, creating real impact, and becoming a better leader!

Click here to learn more Dealership Solutions at WD Co-Auto, Western Canada’s Largest Dealer-Owned buying group with programs for Fixed Operations, Sales, and F&I.

Marc Johnson: 5-Years of Transformation and Leadership Impact

Marc Johnson, TEC Canada’s very own Director of Brand and Business Development, celebrates a noteworthy achievement: five years of membership with TEC Canada! Engaged in a TEC KEY Executive group under the guidance of TEC Chair Julia Oulton, Marc consistently benefits from the wisdom and impartial advice of exceptional peers. We commend his ongoing dedication to cultivating deeper insights, refining decision-making skills, fostering tangible impact, and advancing as a leader!

Marc Johnson Director Brand & Business Development

Marc Johnson, Director of Brand & Business Development at TEC Canada | TEC Canada Member in Vancouver, BC