Miguel Cure and his brother, Darrel Cure, are two Métis entrepreneurs who began their business journey in 2019. Knowing that personal development was key to their success, they attended many in-person conferences to gain insight, connect with other entrepreneurs, and understand the challenges they could face. Then, in September 2020, they received a recommendation to join TEC Canada from a fellow entrepreneur.

Wanting to gain more knowledge of the business world and surround themselves with like-minded peers, they knew a TEC membership could point them in the right direction and keep them on track – and they were right.

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Once they became TEC members in September 2020, Miguel and his brother started taking full advantage of its value for entrepreneurs and business leaders in Winnipeg, MB and across Canada. They received monthly one-on-one executive coaching sessions with their TEC Chair, Joanne Sigurdson, bi-monthly meetings with their confidential peer advisory board, and access to TEC’s leading speakers and thought leadership.

The one-on-one business coaching sessions with Joanne allowed them to discuss opportunities and challenges, create leadership plans, and stay accountable. These sessions also taught them ways to get extra cash flow, manage their finances, and structure their team with the right people in the right roles.

The advisory group aspect of the TEC membership alone proved to be invaluable. They could turn to their peers for advice on any necessary changes or executions to their company and quickly realized that TEC Canada’s top-level business speakers were also a great resource. As part of the TEC membership, every second month welcomed a new speaker who was strategically chosen to provide the most actionable insights, ensuring that everyone in the room was better equipped to stay competitive and successful in their unique industries.


Miguel and his brother continue to reap the benefits of their TEC Canada memberships. They are becoming better leaders, gaining the resources they need to make strategic plans for the future of their company, and excelling in their personal lives.

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MDM’s mission is to meet your highest expectations in everything they do. They strive to give back to communities and believe in conducting business based on four core principles: Honesty, integrity, value, and trust. For more information, visit their website.

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