Shawn Stobbe has had a transformative experience in TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders program.

The program has provided him with diverse industry perspectives, helped him refine his leadership style, and instilled a results-oriented mindset. His story serves as an example of the importance of continuous learning, adaptive leadership, and seizing professional development opportunities.

In this Q&A session, Shawn shares how the Emerging Leaders program has shaped his leadership approach. He provides us with insights into his journey of growth and its significant impact on his new role as Branch Manager at ZyTech.

Hi Shawn! To get started, could you share a bit about your professional journey? 

SHAWN: I’m originally from Strathmore, AB and began my career at The United Farmers of Alberta (UFA), navigating various roles across locations. Transitioning into sales, I spent years in lumber sales before managing diverse aspects of a building supplies company for 6-7 years. I then joined Dick’s Lumber as an Account Manager. Now, after their acquisition of ZyTech, I lead as a Branch Manager, overseeing a much larger team.

How did you come to join TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders program?

SHAWN: Previously, I wanted to join TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders program, but couldn’t get an endorsement from my former employer, and that was a pivotal factor in my decision to seek a new professional opportunity.

During my interview process with Dick’s Lumber, I initiated the conversation and discussed the program’s positives and how it matched the areas I felt needed improvement. I mentioned how it aligned with my aspirations for a managerial role in the company’s future, and Dick’s Lumber agreed it would enhance my skill set for that future position, and they graciously agreed to enroll me upon accepting the role.

What’s been your experience with the Emerging Leaders program?

SHAWN: Working with managers from different industries has been invigorating and has led me to adopt a more results-oriented approach. I find the interactions with speakers and peers to be highly valuable. It is a great opportunity for me to learn and understand various company processes and approaches to timely business challenges. Despite the differences in industries, the key is to comprehend how teams collaborate and learn from varied business structures. These insights are useful to bring back to our company and make more informed decisions based on what we learn.

Any specific ROI since joining our Emerging Leaders program?

SHAWN: Our company uses a leadership assessment tool, and my results show major improvements compared to before I joined the Emerging Leaders program.

Before, I was too passive in disagreements, just trying to get along with everyone. Now, my results show I aim to be assertive but not aggressive, focusing on addressing issues rather than solely aiming to please everyone. It’s about understanding different mindsets while being results-driven and acknowledging that conflicts can lead to healthy outcomes in business.

I also use the roundtable time to get advice on issues like supply chain challenges. The different perspectives from the group are very helpful.

What’s your advice for CEOs considering this program for their employees?

SHAWN: If you see potential in an employee and care about developing their leadership skills, TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders program is invaluable.

“If you see potential in an employee and care about developing their leadership skills, TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders program is invaluable.”

Shawn Stobbe | Branch Manager at ZyTech and Member of TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders Program

Looking ahead, what excites you the most?

SHAWN: Post-acquisition, we’re aiming for substantial growth. Our target for the year is a billion in sales. I’m excited about our expansion in Alberta and Saskatchewan, ensuring a positive transition and continuing to build trust within the team.


Do you have any advice for people in the Sales profession who are looking to advance into management?

SHAWN: You have to shift from a “me” mindset to a “we” mindset focused on the team. It’s about seeing your role as career advancement rather than just chasing your own goals and commissions.

Thank you, Shawn! We’re eager to witness your continued success!

SHAWN: Thank you, TEC Canada!


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