Brad Edgerly is a business process expert and the driving force behind Creative SparQ, a dynamic boutique performance improvement agency dedicated to positive and streamlined business transformation based in Calgary. Raised in Dubai during its transformative years in the 1980’s, he witnessed its evolution from desert to bustling metropolis igniting his fascination with change and innovation. Returning to Canada, Brad completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary, specializing in Operations Management and management information systems.


Brad started his professional journey at Price Waterhouse Coopers, honing his skills in optimizing complex business processes. His expertise in documenting processes under pressure laid the foundation for his pivotal role at Shaw Communications, where he orchestrated transformative shifts in business processes, steering the company toward streamlined efficiency. Taking charge of the Salesforce CRM application amplified his impact on operations, user satisfaction, and outcomes. Brad and his team’s unwavering commitment to positive transformation, grew their sphere of impact from 20 people to an impressive 1000 users.

Realizing he had a unique recipe for strategic execution and business transformation – a skill set scarce in the industry, he developed Creative SparQ, a company specializing in strategic execution and business transformation.


Becoming an entrepreneur was always in Brad’s cards, with university affiliations paving the way early on. His involvement with the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs marked a turning point, despite grappling with self-doubt at the time. Over the subsequent two decades post-graduation, he cultivated the confidence and know-how necessary for this path. The catalyst for Brad’s entrepreneurial journey was when he, like many others, entered his forties.


Seeking mentorship in 2019, led him to James Frail, a TEC Canada Chair, whose guidance transformed his business trajectory. Joining a TEC peer advisory group was pivotal for Brad. Under James’ guidance, he recommended Brad read numerous business books, this along with the unwavering support and guidance from his peers led to game-changing insights improving his business operations tenfold. Brad’s focus on business processes has also greatly contributed to his fellow members. His practical business process advice and design support have been invaluable to fellow small business owners. His expertise shines through in transforming complex operational landscapes into streamlined and efficient processes. One notable speaker in his TEC session really stands out for Brad, Gair Maxwell, with his innovative take on marketing leaving a lasting impression on his business approach.


Brad believes he is truly a better leader because of TEC. Leading by example, his leadership style uniquely blends ethics, expertise, and empathy, fostering an environment where his team thrives. His commitment to leadership development remains unwavering. As a voracious consumer of leadership audiobooks, he seeks new situations to challenge himself and continue to grow. As a business leader, his hunger for knowledge minimizes business risks and enhances stakeholder interactions. Brad’s attention to detail and focus on business processes has greatly contributed to his fellow peer group members. His practical advice and design support have streamlined many member’s complex operational landscapes.

Creative SparQ’s standout achievement lies in their ability to streamline businesses grappling with disjointed processes. Their expertise yields tangible success stories, with clients reporting substantial revenue boosts and impressive returns on investment. Their commitment to excellence is seen through a 95% customer satisfaction rate and continuous optimization efforts.


Creative SparQ’s future is marked by expansion into new technologies and exploring the U.S. market. Their internal software development is poised to revolutionize project management, order fulfillment, and billing processes. They are firm advocates for Canada’s Digital Adoption Program, which aims to bridge the productivity gap for small and medium-sized businesses. Through this program, Creative SparQ leverages their expertise, assisting businesses in securing grants to enhance their digital strategies and operations. This initiative empowers businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

Reflecting on his legacy, Brad hopes that people under his guidance will recognize the growth they experienced during their time with him.


Creative SparQ transforms businesses from the inside out. Based in Calgary, Alberta, this dynamic company provides a variety of services to streamline and enhance the way businesses operate, focusing on process, data, and optimization. 

Creative SparQ’s methodology is: ‘Every business in every market is unique. We apply deep industry experience and our tailored, multi-layer methodology to breakdown, understand, and rebuild your business, uncovering the potential that unlocks growth.’ For more information, visit their website.


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