Jason Hansen | VP of Products at Xpan Interactive Ltd. and member of TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders Program

Jason Hansen successfully navigated the challenging job market in the aftermath of the Dot-com crash. He transitioned from working in a dental lab to securing a dynamic role at ITSportsNet in Calgary, AB. During his time there, he was able to develop a wide range of skills in support, sales, and leadership. His career took a significant leap forward after another software company,  Ivrnet, acquired ITSportsnet in 2011. This acquisition eventually led to Jason being promoted to a Director position in 2016.


A chance encounter with Ron Thiele, the Founder of Xpan, changed the course of his career once again.

Recalling the pivotal moment, Jason shares, “During a casual conversation, Ron mentioned the impressive growth of Xpan, and a month later, I accepted an offer to join the company.” Jason was enticed by the opportunity to utilize his IT background and project management expertise in a new and exciting venture.


With Xpan’s continuous growth, Jason’s journey within the company expanded beyond project management. He recently became the VP of Product, responsible for overseeing a diverse team crucial to the success of their SaaS product. It was during this time that Jason’s proactive mindset led him to participate in TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders program, which was highly recommended by Xpan’s President, Ron Thiele.

Reflecting on his experience with TEC Canada, Jason describes it as transformative. He emphasizes the program’s supportive environment and the invaluable insights gained from experienced speakers. The program not only fostered personal growth but also strengthened team dynamics within Xpan.

Looking ahead, Jason’s enthusiasm for Xpan’s products division, particularly their LMS platform, continues to fuel his excitement. He recognizes the potential for growth and success in this area and is leveraging the knowledge and connections gained through TEC Canada to further contribute to Xpan’s achievements.

“For me, this experience hasn’t just been about personal growth; TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders program transformed the way we functioned as a team. Understanding each other’s leadership styles better strengthened our cohesiveness. It brought a new depth to our collaborative efforts, something we hadn’t realized was lacking before,”

Jason Hansen

VP of Product at Xpan and Member of TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders Program in Calgary, AB


With the guidance of TEC Canada’s experIenced mentors and the unwavering support of his fellow members in TEC Canada’s Emerging Leaders program, Jason’s thrilling journey toward evolving into an even more impactful and influential leader is just beginning.


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