Chair Profile: Marc Grandbois

juin 23rd, 2020|Portrait de nos Présidents de groupe|

Marc Grandbois brings over 30 years of business strategy experience to his role as a TEC Canada Chair. With over 16 years’ experience as a TEC member, Marc has a personal understanding of the value that peer advisory and executive coaching can bring to a leader. He is also equipped with certification from the International Coach Federation – which acknowledges his ability to improve the lives, relationships, and business performance of his group members.

Chair Profile: James Christensen

mai 12th, 2020|Portrait de nos Présidents de groupe|

As a serial entrepreneur and past executive in large multinational companies, James Christensen has seen every angle of success – from challenging lessons to triumphant wins. With over 30 years of business experience, he has developed a passion for working with results-driven leaders to help them refine their goals, perfect their leadership skills, and create a path that helps fulfill their vision.

Chair Profile: Paul Hunt

mai 11th, 2020|Portrait de nos Présidents de groupe|

Paul Hunt is recognized as a dynamic professional with over 35 years of business leadership experience – including the successful venture of building and selling an international consulting firm. Equipped with an MBA from Ivey Business School, Hunt’s formal education and real-world experience have prepared him to advise, lead, and help others build impactful businesses.

Portrait de nos Présidents de groupe: Guy Tousignant

février 4th, 2020|Portrait de nos Présidents de groupe|

À titre de président de groupe de TEC, M. Tousignant croit que diriger un groupe de personnes motivé à offrir le meilleur d’eux-mêmes grâce à leur groupe de pairs, à du leadership éclairé et à un réseau mondial, constitue le summum de l’accomplissement.