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How to Achieve Professional Goals: 3 Tips from Chris Hardwick


Setting short and long-term professional goals is both a motivating and daunting process. So we asked Vancouver, BC TEC Canada Chair, Chris Hardwick, to reveal his tried-and-true steps to achieving career goals. As an incredibly accomplished and respected business leader in Canada, you won't want to skip his advice.

The Future of Work and ESG: What Leaders Need to Know | Sarah Keyes, CPA, CA – CEO – ESG Global Advisors Inc.


As the CEO of ESG Global Advisors Inc., Sarah Keyes is a leading expert in environmental, social, and governance issues for the Canadian business community. In this episode, Sarah Keyes and host Gair Maxwell discuss all things ESG, which sustainability opportunities and risks you need to know about, and the most important moments of Sarah’s inspirational career – so far.

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