The Competitive Advantage That 15,000+ CEOs Swear By | Don Schmincke, Strategic Growth Advisor, Author, Keynote Speaker

mars 11th, 2022|Podcasts|

Don Schmincke helps executives accelerate business performance and reveals how to effectively lead organizational change, develop strategy and create and manage great teams. 

The Future of Work and ESG: What Leaders Need to Know | Sarah Keyes, CPA, CA – CEO – ESG Global Advisors Inc.

janvier 27th, 2022|Podcasts|

As the CEO of ESG Global Advisors Inc., Sarah Keyes is a leading expert in environmental, social, and governance issues for the Canadian business community. In this episode, Sarah Keyes and host Gair Maxwell discuss all things ESG, which sustainability opportunities and risks you need to know about, and the most important moments of Sarah’s inspirational career – so far.

Discover the Mindset of Top Sales Performers

décembre 20th, 2021|Podcasts|

In this highly motivational and inspirational discussion with host and TEC Speaker Gair Maxwell, Cynthia Barnes' reveals the mindset of the top performers and shares the practical steps that sales professionals can take to dust themselves off amidst rejection. If you’ve felt deflated by recent events or missed targets, Cynthia shares why resilience is one of the biggest advantages you can have in sales – and how you can begin harnessing its power to exceed your goals.

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