Headshot of Samantha Simonton

Samantha Simonton

Vancouver, BC





Samantha “Sam” Simonton is recognized as a dynamic professional and entrepreneur with over 20 years of business leadership experience.

In addition to national and US projects, Sam has significant hands-on experience in business ventures from retail & e-commerce to manufacturing & distribution both in the B2B and B2C world. As an entrepreneur, she has founded and successfully led two businesses in the furniture industry that leveraged her wealth of knowledge surrounding augmented reality, e-commerce, sales, and marketing.  In addition, she played a key role in growing Verocity Agencies to $36 million in sales, has been nominated as an RBC Woman of Influence, and has served on numerous boards and community organizations.

A frequent leader of business workshops & seminars and a panel speaker on female leadership and navigating change, Sam bestows modern and thought-provoking leadership wisdom upon members of her TEC CEO group. Her sage advice has helped over 150 small to medium-sized businesses and executives steer their way to success, and she is well-equipped to guide others in today’s ever-changing landscape.

As a TEC Chair, Sam believes in the power of growth through diversity and continuous learning. She surrounds herself with enthusiastic, positive, and talented individuals with a diverse blend of education, experience, and knowledge dedicated to leaving a positive impact and legacy. If you’re looking for fresh, insightful, and actionable leadership advice that will take you to new heights, look no further than a seat at Sam’s TEC CEO group table.

TEC Group Vision

“When we take a moment to work on ourselves, everyone around us benefits. Working on the business and not in the business allows others to step into their potential and do things that light them up.”


  • Lives in Vancouver with her husband and daughter
  • Enjoys spending her weekends walking and biking around Vancouver supporting local small businesses and enjoying the beautiful public parks
  • Has a passion for working with youth on their leadership development and sits on the board of various not-for-profits and is a local Girl Guides group leader