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Marc Dorval

Toronto, ON

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Marc Dorval has been a catalyst for change in organizations for over 30 years. Whether consulting with clients on the healthy implementation of new technologies into their organizations, or helping his own employees grow to become more people-centric and successful in leadership, Marc’s focus has been on creating positive change for both people and businesses.

He has founded and co-founded several technology businesses and now, since exiting, focuses solely on growing leaders and organizations through healthy change. With proven skills in strategy and scalability, his passion lies in helping leaders live a well-rounded life and find their business’ competitive edge.

As a TEC Canada member himself since 2009, Marc understands the challenges and opportunities that come with leading a large enterprise in today’s global economy and has experienced the value of TEC’s support for CEOs, presidents, and owners firsthand. Now, his motivation to become a TEC Chair lies in his desire to “pay it forward” for other business leaders.

As a visionary thinker with a knack for effective communication, Marc has routinely built organizations and management teams that are both innovative and collaborative. As a result, the members of his TEC CEO group can count on him to champion innovation and collaboration within their organizations, while strengthening their leadership skills.

TEC Group Vision

Today’s world requires leaders to be at the top of their game, and I am a firm believer in TEC’s proven process to help them get there. I love to work with leaders who are curious about what they don’t know, eager to learn, ready to explore new ways of thinking, and consistently search for opportunities to share experience and knowledge with other leaders.


  • Lives at the border of Scarborough and Pickering with his wife
  • Has two adult children (an HR manager and an Astrophysicist) and one granddaughter
  • An avid sailor and cyclist
  • Enjoys reading, video games, and traveling & hiking with his wife