Chuck Kirkham

Chuck Kirkham

Richmond Hill, ON



Chuck Kirkham claims that he “does wrong very well.”

On his first date with his now-wife, he most ardently claimed that he had no desire to have children. Today, Chuck is a proud father of three.

17 years ago, he stated he would never again work in management or for a sales agency. Since then, he has excelled in Vice President and President roles for more than one notable sales agency including National Post, Canadian Primedia and InMarket Sales & Service Inc.

Because of these moments and many others where he “did wrong very well,” Chuck has made lifelong learning his superpower.

A firm believer in the power of sustainable growth through collaboration, Chuck values building and nurturing relationships—back when he became the new editor of his university’s newspaper, he demanded in his first issue that the students use their time to have fun, make friends, and, under no circumstance, solely prepare themselves for their careers. Chuck’s passion for and skill in building community has propelled him into professional excellence.

Throughout his lifelong learning, Chuck has championed executive roles in the media industry for over 35 years, gaining deep experience in marketing, sales, customer acquisition, corporate culture, and employee engagement.

All of this led to Chuck launching InMarket in 2017. It quickly became a key player in the Toronto and Canadian media scene with agent contracts signed almost immediately with The Economist, The Toronto Star, Canadian Jewish News, Sing Tao, QQuote, and Canadian Black Book.

While Chuck always possessed a skill for business development, his time as a TEC member marked his entry to the learning masterclass of business leadership. Joining other founders and senior business leaders in a journey of learning, accountability, friendship, and support has become the foundation to his Chairing efforts. Members of his CEO group can expect to gain deep, relevant, and human-centred insight from someone who has stood at both ends of the TEC experience.

TEC Group Vision

Through collaboration, our TEC group brings together a group of like-minded business owners and leaders who champion their personal and professional growth through the power of collaboration.

To paraphrase an editor I once knew, “become a TEC member to have fun, make friends, and, under no circumstance, do nothing else but ensure we prepare our company and ourselves for the years ahead!”


  • Enjoys spending time with his family, especially at the cottage near Parry Sound
  • Values his time working toward projects that align with his passions
  • A big basketball fan from the Buffalo Braves of the mid-seventies to the glory that was Dr. J and Michael