Andrew Brown

TEC Small Business Chair
Waterloo/Kitchener, ON



Andrew Brown is a veteran executive, entrepreneur, and mentor. After 30+ years occupying executive leadership roles across a vast variety of industries, he now focuses on helping others achieve their personal and professional goals with integrity, respect and inspiration. For those looking for engaging and empowering mentorship, Andrew is the right choice for long-term and sustainable results.

Andrew is a firm believer in the power of lifelong learning. In 1908, his great-grandfather was quoted stating “the automobile is a passing fad”, and subsequently lost his horsewhip manufacturing business. This story has been a driving force for Andrew’s commitment to continuously evolve, which he credits as the key to his success in life and business.

Throughout his corporate life, Andrew has also owned small businesses, further rounding out his professional development and expertise. After becoming a leading eBay retailer in the early 2000s, he co-founded WeSellit—a service for customers to consign items for sale on eBay. From this experience, he gained a deep understanding of the unique muscles it requires to be a small business owner and the importance of alignment between personal and professional worlds.

As an experienced professional with a background in operations, finance, IT, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and governance, Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to his TEC group. He understands the challenges and opportunities associated with managing change and evolution, and is adept at helping his group members navigate complex processes. Furthermore, Andrew’s MBA and PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) credentials demonstrate credibility for his rare combination of skills and experience.

TEC Group Vision

Leaders today face a constant barrage of challenges, and our TEC Small Business group is a safe harbor where we explore solutions and opportunities to maximize outcomes. My passion for empowering leaders is amplified through our peer-to-peer advisory group, one-to-one coaching, thought leadership, and access to leaders around the world.


  • Lives in Kitchener with his wife, Amy.
  • Has four adult children.
  • Is an avid golfer, poker player, and emerging curler.
  • Passionate about living life to the fullest and leaving the world a better place