Introducing the one that started it all—as far as TEC Canada is concerned. With over thirty five years of dedication to TEC, Lynn continues to be involved daily. His lifetime of experience is a huge asset to TEC’s executive team and the Canadian business leaders he mentors. He is a dynamic leader with a breadth of knowledge and years of sweat equity to back it up.

Lynn holds a doctorate in organizational change from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. While pursuing an academic career, he maintained a private Gestalt Therapy practice and founded his own consulting firm. His commitment to bringing academic business theory into practice has always been integral to his professional success.

In 1985, Lynn formed TEC Canada, building it into the country’s most prestigious executive leadership development company. Founding TEC precisely aligned with one of Lynn’s key passions—generative citizenship. His vision for TEC is to help Canadian business leaders leverage their talents and abilities to maximize the growth of their businesses, create profitable enterprises where employees are proud to work, develop next-generation products and services, and ultimately build a more prosperous Canadian society.

Lynn believes that “choosing to be a part of the TEC community is choosing to confront yourself and force yourself to learn, be creative and take initiative.”

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