Businesses everywhere are looking for team members that are creative, motivated, and engaged to come on board and promote their mission and goals. In this context, diversity should not only be embraced and part of the company culture, but also developed and maintained.

Recent research supports the fact that diversity in all its forms indeed leads to more effective business practices. In order to capitalize on it, inclusion is a key element. So, to capitalize on this fact, businesses need to be in the practice of encouraging their employees to cultivate a diversity mindset. Not only will this aid in the mutual comprehension and adoption of this mindset but will also lead to more productivity and an increased sense of well-being at the workplace.

Attending this TEC Canada Deeper Insights webinar will empower you and challenge you to reflect on the importance of diversity and inclusion within your organization.

Press the button below to register for the “What if Diversity Is Your Best Asset?” webinar led by Benoit Chalifoux and Frantz Saintellemy on Thursday, June 23rd from 10 – 11 AM MST.

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