In this live webinar, attendees will assess if their communications are contributing to their credibility and overall reputation, or negatively impacting their reputation and brand. Complete with real-world examples, Adam Hartung will present insights from recent news events and other sources to ensure that each attendee leaves with a thorough understanding of reputation bank deposits and withdrawals – as well as the implications.

During this interactive session, Adam Hartung’s insights will span topics including:

  • How to review and assess communications channels, and the messages being used within these channels.
  • Assessment tools to identify if messaging is consistently and systematically communicating a clear value proposition, and how specific assessment tools can be applied to strategies for business leaders across Canada.
  • The value of different kinds of communications and how each type may contribute to a diverse reputation portfolio.
  • A guide to help attendees evaluate, identify, plan for, or prevent issues that can deplete your reputation bank account.

By registering for “The Reputation Brand: Better Brand & Communications to Become Reputation Rich” led by Adam Hartung, attendees can expect to learn with engaging tools and templates, while taking a broad and in-depth view of their organizations’ brands and credibility to build reputation wealth security well into the future.

Click the button below to register for “The Reputation Brand: Better Brand & Communications to Become Reputation Rich” led by Adam Hartung on Thursday, February 4th,  from 10 am-11 am MST.

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ABOUT ADAM HARTUNGCEO and Managing Partner of Spark Partners, Effective Independent Board Member and Advisor, Forbes Leadership Columnist, Public Speaker on Strategy and Leadership
As the CEO and Managing Partner of Spark Partners – an organization specializing in innovation-based business growth for technology companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs – Adam Hartung boasts over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing successful strategies that take advantage of emerging technologies and new business models.

Adam was named “Top Leadership Columnist” for, garnering more than 90 million readers for his columns which boldly predicted the success of industry changers like Netflix,, Apple, Facebook, and Tesla – as well as the unexpected negative impact these disruptors had on former giants who were unable (or unwilling) to adapt. In 2020, the Global Innovation Institute invited Adam to join GInI’s Board of Advisors. GInI is the world’s leading professional certification, accreditation, and membership association in the field of innovation with over 5,000 members and 2,500 certified professionals in 35 countries.

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