In this live and interactive webinar, Chas Moscarino will provide practical feedback and rigorous analytics that connects people to performance – which translates directly to the P&L. 
By attending the “Psychometrics to Scale Your Business: Get the Right People in the Right Seats” webinar led by Chas Moscarino, attendees will become equipped with deeper insights about:

• What are your employees not telling you (that you need to know)? 
• Is your current executive team “all in?” 
• How do you evaluate talent for optimal prospect selection?  
• What, and who is holding you back from hitting your top & bottom-line goals? 
• The gloves-off truth about your top performers, the people currently struggling, who is ready to walk out the door – and what to do about it. 
• Objective data to give you an advantage in your most important decisions – the ones about your people. 
Chas Moscarino will lead attendees through the steps to answer these questions and more. Utilizing a simple 6–10-minute survey of CEO attendees and executive teams, Chas applies rigorous analytics, assessing our organizations’ ability to hit the top and bottom-line goals. Using participants’ organizational data, Chas provides analytical and statistical feedback for real-time discussions on our companies that can yield immediate results. With his gloves-off and humorous, straightforward approach, Chas’ skilled approach engages active participation from every attendee.  

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