[WEBINAR] How Will Emerging Web3 Change The Future Of Work?

A pioneer in the technology space, Dan Giurescu is the Founder and CEO of Credivera. Focused on creating leading-edge innovative solutions, Dan previously co-founded Caledonia Solutions, a supply chain software for the dangerous goods industries that transformed traditional paper processes into digital. Driven by a mission to create community impact and inclusivity, Dan supports local charities and the growth of technology in Canada such as The A100, TEC Canada – Blockchain Advisory, and as a Board Member of Athabasca University on their Business Leadership Advisory Council.

By attending this presentation, you will become equipped with deeper insights surrounding:

  • What is Blockchain technology and how it’s being used by employers and their organizations in the future of work?
  • What are the changes in the Digital Identity space coming to Canada?
  • Individuals Privacy and Future of Work in Canada and management of personal data requirement.

Don’t miss this presentation on the current state of digital identity in Canada, the future of work and an employer’s responsibilities, and how Blockchain technology is playing a role in supporting employers in managing people’s information.

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