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By bringing together the most dynamic speakers, we provide TEC Canada members with abundant opportunities for connection, growth, and learning.

Please join us in warmly welcoming these thought leaders and industry experts to the TEC Speaker community:

Carol Schulte: Building Braver Leaders, Creating Braver Cultures

Carol Schulte has surveyed thousands of leaders over the years, and asks this one question: What would you do if you were even braver? And whether it’s the frontline manager or the CEO, everyone always has an answer. Because the truth is, we all want to be braver. ‘And the good news,’ Carol shares, ‘is brave can be taught.’

She discloses the elements that make up a B.R.A.V.E. workplace culture, where people bring all of who they are to all of what they do—and where they get into action before they feel ready. Braver cultures translate to bolder ideas being shared, more creative collaboration, and a team unleashing their collective potential.

Sean Stephens: ChatGPT—Life as We knew it is Over

Generative AI and ChatGPT are game-changers. They’ll reshape civilization and businesses. Jobs will shift and industries will crumble. Have you grasped their significance? Does your organization have a solid plan to leverage?

With a reputation for being an energetic and impactful presenter, Sean Stephens will get you up to date, show you the pitfalls, and provide a framework that every company can use as a springboard to move forward in confidence when it comes to Generative AI and ChatGPT.

Jolene Watson: Canada’s Networking Expert

You can’t change your personality type, but you can ALWAYS change your behaviours.

Instead of conducting exit interviews, it is essential for leaders to prioritize ‘stay’ interviews. Are you effectively leveraging the natural strengths and personality preferences of your team members? Jolene Watson embodies the Platinum Rule, which emphasizes treating others the way THEY want to be treated rather than imposing your own preferences. With extensive proficiency in stress management, internal networking skills, and charismatic leadership, Jolene offers practical tools that can be readily applied to improve career development and boost employee retention.

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