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Calgary Aggregate Recycling (Car) Focuses on Recycling Contaminated Soil

Calgary Aggregate Recycling (CAR), Travis Powell’s family business, was already working on giving new life to waste from construction sites. But when he took the reins, this entrepreneur was determined to take the company’s commitment to the environment even further. Tackling contaminated soil, CAR has invested in a new technology to recycle toxic materials.

To learn more, check out the recent video feature from BDC below or by clicking here.

Susana Scott: Empowering Lives Through Brematson Disability Advocates

Susana Scott, the founder of Brematson Disability Advocates and a TEC Canada member, has become a leading figure in disability rights advocacy. After her daughter was born with Spina Bifida, Scott established her organization in 2004, leveraging her government experience to bridge the gap between disabled individuals and the government. She has spearheaded initiatives, sponsored events, and delivered impactful speeches to educate and inspire change.

Susana’s tireless efforts have led to significant legislative achievements and shattered stigmas surrounding for-profit disability organizations. To learn more about her inspirational journey of creating a more inclusive society for individuals with disabilities, read her Business Sharks article and Hustle Weekly feature.

Martin McNicoll Makes a Record-Breaking Donation to the Youth Foundation of the DPJ

One-third of Quebec children in the DPJ who leave their foster family or a youth center at the age of 18 will experience an episode of homelessness. Martin McNicoll, an accomplished entrepreneur and TEC Canada member, wants to change that.

McNicoll’s personal experiences led him to join the board of directors for the Youth Foundation of the DPJ, where he recently made a record-breaking donation of $100,000 to support the transition of foster children into adulthood. His generosity aims to address the high rates of homelessness among young adults leaving the foster care system. McNicoll’s remarkable journey serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the importance of giving back to the community.

To learn more about Martin’s entrepreneurial journey and his record-breaking donation, click here.

“We live in a labour shortage situation and we tolerate that these young people end up on the street. I hope that my donation will be used to support them in this transition”

– Martin McNicoll

Celebrating the Accomplishments and Inspiring Perspectives of Norm Li

Norm Li, TEC Canada member and Principal at Norm Li, recently shared a LinkedIn post that resonates with the power of surrounding oneself with exceptional individuals and forging remarkable partnerships. Norm expresses heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering trust and support of his clients and peers as he shares extraordinary recent experiences, including an innovative condo launch, an awe-inspiring event at Massey Hall, an unforgettable immersive experience with EMBLEM Developments, and the remarkable success of the Unmet Gala in raising funds for WoodGreen Community Services. We join Norm and his exceptional team in anticipating more transformative and game-changing moments on the horizon.

Jennifer Grant’s Outstanding Contributions to Engineering

Jennifer Grant, a TEC Canada member, and President of Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd. has been honoured with the Western University 2023 L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal for her exceptional achievements to the engineering profession, business leadership, and community involvement. With a distinguished career spanning over 30 years as a biochemical engineer and entrepreneur, Grant has led multinational projects and pioneered the groundbreaking skincare product line empyri. Her accomplishments serve as a true inspiration not only to women in engineering but also to entrepreneurs and the wider community.

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TEC Canada Member Companies Named Best Workplaces™ in Canada 2023 by Great Place to Work®

These outstanding TEC Canada members and their companies set a remarkable standard through their unwavering commitment to employee engagement, inclusive cultures, and driving innovation and growth.

Click here to join us in celebrating the achievements of David Bouchard (CEO at PureLogic IT Solutions), Barry Doucette (CEO at Orangutech), Francois-Jerome Gosselin (Co-Founder & CEO at Novatize), Nicholas Boragina (President at Isaac Operations Ltd.), Jonathan Lessard (President at Nexapp), Dale Lawrence (Founder & CEO at Bucketlist Rewards), Heath Moore (Regional Managing Partner, Atlantic Canada, at Grant Thornton LLP), Utkarsh Bhatnagar (Founder & CEO at Cloud SynApps Inc.), Kris Robillard (Chief Operating Officer at iFathom Corp), and Partyka, George Jr (CEO of PTI Transformers Inc.)!

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