It’s that time of year again! The Globe and Mail’s report on business has just released a list of 430 of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2022.

It is with a proud nod to our community of business leaders that we recognize dozens of those ranked as dedicated TEC Canada members!

Wow. We are thrilled to see Canadian business leaders who are investing in themselves and their businesses being acknowledged for their hard work.

The TEC Canada members and respective companies listed in the 2022 ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies include:

Lesley Gouldie of Thornhill Medical – in the TOP 10!

Thornhill Medical is a world leader and industry disruptor in emergency mobile medicine. Rooted in research and innovation, they offer breakthrough acute critical care devices specifically designed for military, field hospitals, transport medical, and first responder teams.

Daryl Cooper, Adam Bunz, Greg Cortese, Tom Decoteau, Mark Feader, Pauline Gardikiotis, Cosmo Racano, and Tony Reed of BLF Canada Insurance Services Inc.

BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc. provides customized solutions in all areas of insurance and risk management. Whatever your industry and business size, their goal is to be an entrusted partner that continuously protects your best interests.

“We are proud of our roots and what we have accomplished. A firm of our size still generating double-digit growth outside of acquisitions speaks for itself. BFL CANADA just happens to be Canadian and very successful. Thanks to the commitment of our employees. This team effort has certainly worked and is one of the many reasons BFL CANADA has remained so successful throughout the past 35 years.” -President, Founder and CEO – Barry F.

Robert Brouwer of Big Country Raw Ltd.

Purveyors of high-quality, safe, and affordable raw pet food, Big Country Raw is proudly Canadian, uses eco-friendly packaging, and offers meal plans and home delivery.

Scott Hurren of OTBx Air

Whether you’re a business looking to create a captivating video to promote what you do or you’re a real estate agent looking to have them photograph a new listing, OTBx Air makes the process simple for you and delivers outstanding quality in everything they do.

Darryl Cooper of Cooper Equipment Rentals

Whether you’re looking to rent compact equipment, heavy machinery, aerial, heat, pumps, trench boxes, and more, Cooper Equipment Rentals will get it to your job site on time and in great condition.

Benoit Lemieux of Creos Experts Conseils Inc.

Creos offers original, powerful, and participatory art installations that transform, animate, and beautify public spaces all over the planet. Whether they’re consulting, facilitating, or managing your project, they’re on a mission to help cities become places of convergence and human connection through art and technology.

Benoit from Croes with the quote:

Mark Becker of Dexterra Group Inc.

Facilities management and operations, workforce accommodations, energy services, modular solutions, and forestry. The list of what Dexterra Group Inc. does is long but the way they do it is simple—as partners who help create, manage and optimize the exceptional experiences that keep your business thriving.

Dan Munk of Fencecore

Fencecore is Canada’s top-rated and fastest-growing full-service IT firm committed to 24/7 availability and end-to-end support, providing timely and effective IT solutions.

Jonathan Lessard and Pier-Luc Rodrigue of Nexapp

Builders of sustainable and scalable software, Nexapp’s multidisciplinary team embraces software engineering best practices from strategy to development and design to power your ideas.

Jonathan Lessard headshot with quote:

“With TEC Canada, we have the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and take a step back from our daily operations to discover new horizons and be challenged on our vision which can sometimes be very close to the business. For me, these elements have greatly contributed to Nexapp’s growth.” –Pier-Luc Rodrigue, VP and General manager of Nexapp

Bradley Crepeau of Food Cycle Science

Food Cycle Science is the creator of the Fooodcycler—an affordable, odorless, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly indoor food recycler designed to turn food waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer in just hours.

Cody Kozinuk of FR Rentals

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a large construction company, you can complete your project quickly and on time with FR Rentals’ top-quality and highly maintained equipment.

Mathieu Beauchesne and Geneviève Lemieux of Nucleom

Nucleom is a leader in providing non-destructive examination services leading to the safe and productive operation of nuclear facilities.

“Nucleom has known a noteworthy growth of 67% over the last 3 years and our management played a significant role in our expansion. We truly believe that for achieving a high level of success, a company needs to count on people who encompass leadership skills. TEC Canada has been a great support to acquire both hard and soft skills to lead Nucleom’s team towards personal and professional growth”. – Mathieu Beauchesne, VP Operations & Sales

Genevieve Lemieux headshot with quote:

Jason Appel of goeasy Ltd.

goeasy Ltd. is a leading Canadian financial services company that provides non-prime leasing and lending services through their easyhome, easyfinancial, and LendCare brands, providing everyday Canadians a path to a better tomorrow, today.

Tim deHaan and Nathan Neels of Harmonic Machine Inc.

Harmonic Machine Inc. is a high-volume manufacturing company specializing in advanced machining. They’re redefining the manufacturing culture with well-trained staff and state-of-the-art technology.

Patrick Desrochers of Ubiweb

Ubiweb’s subscription packages are turning the marketing industry on its head. Offering all-inclusive packages that include graphic design, SEO voice friendliness, keyword help, professional video, website updates and so much more, Ubiweb customizes its subscriptions based on your unique needs.

Patrick Desrochers headshot with quote:

Cathren Percival and Ryan Todd of headversity

headversity is a workforce upskilling platform for mental health and resilience. Their preventative solution is helping employers around the world build a psychologically safe work culture and get their workforce ahead of adversity.

Nicholas Boragina of Isaac Operations Ltd.

Isaac Operations Ltd. is a consultancy firm that transforms companies’ operations by putting everything they have into finding and optimizing opportunities that make a real impact.

Christopher Chan, Brendan Farnand, and Kelly Rigole of Knak Inc.

Knak is designed to create emails and landing pages that integrate seamlessly into your marketing automation platform. Through a wide variety of email and landing page platforms, Knak helps you get more out of your existing tech stack.

Richard Belanger of Levio Conseils

Helping transform your organization, Levio develops effective digital solutions to solve your complex business problems by leveraging emerging technology, seizing game-changing business opportunities, and applying a human-centric approach.

Nick Gralewicz and Kevin Lim of Lim Geomatics Inc.

Lim Geomatics Inc. offers geospatial solutions for next-generation forestry. Their Forestry Geospatial platform lets you plan, monitor, and optimize your daily forestry activities with ease.

John Proctor of Martello Technologies Corp

Enhancing Microsoft 365 and Teams end-user experience, Martello Technologies Corp monitors, measures, and troubleshoots to maximize modern workplace productivity.

Jeremiah Curvers of PolySleep Inc.

Purveyors of mattresses boasting unbelievable comfort and unrivaled quality, PolySleep’s Canadian-made, antimicrobial, and hybrid foam mattresses are perfect for any sleep type.

Greg Johnson, Robert Lee, Wenceslas Menotti, and Jiash Wu of RBR Ltd.

RBR Ltd. creates instruments to measure the blue planet. From the ocean abyss to the polar ice cap, their sensors track water parameters – temperature, depth, salinity, dissolved gases, pH, and so much more.

Michael Stanisz of Revenue Management Labs

To help companies maximize revenue, accelerate growth, and develop winning pricing strategies, Revenue Management Labs helps you become confident in your pricing strategy and ability to execute.

Ed Bryant and Boris Petkovic of Sampford Advisors Inc.

Sampford Advisors Inc. knows that selling your technology business is difficult, and they’re here to guide you. With a tech-only focus, Sampford Advisors Inc. offers expertise and agility in planning to take merger & acquisition deals to new heights.

Antoine Paré of DashThis

DashThis is an automated marketing reporting tool created to help marketers save hours of work and create their reports in the blink of an eye.

Erez Weinreich and Yoram Weinreich of Simpli Home Ltd.

Simpli Home delivers high-value furniture—timeless designs built for exceptional quality. Using a disruptive business model, Simpli Home offers high-end designs without the typical bloat and overhead of traditional brands

Brendan Howe of Techify Inc.

Techify offers strong IT consulting that makes good business sense so your business can navigate technology issues effectively.

Vincent Routhier of Lü Interactive Playground

Lü Interactive Playgrounds transform any space into an active and immersive educational environment where kids are engaged physically, intellectually, and socially-emotionally. They produce state-of-the-art audiovisual systems powered by a wide range of educational applications. Aside from obvious pedagogical uses, Lü systems can be used for a variety of purposes, from cinema-quality movie nights to dance parties and professional presentations.

Andrew King of WebSan Solutions Inc.

Helping companies make better decisions is WebSan Solutions’ bottom line. With top-notch customer services and software solutions, WebSan Solutions is known for implementing Business Central right the first time, always.

Craig Radford of Wizmo Solutions Inc.

As the world’s most collaborative shipping company, Wizmo Solutions’ global services are tailored to meet the needs of businesses shipping 100+ small packages daily.

*In order to qualify for Globe and Mail Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2022, a company had to have at least $2 million in annual sales in its most recent fiscal year, be for-profit, Canadian-run, headquartered in Canada, and independent.

Congratulations, again, to these accomplished businesses and leaders. We hope your personal and professional growth only continues to flourish. Thank you for being a part of the TEC Canada community!

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