Meet these innovative businesses and the remarkable leaders who are driving them forward.

Introducing the TEC Canada members among the 2023 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. These businesses and the leaders behind them represent various products and services, from innovative psychological services to top-quality equipment rentals to raw, natural foods for dogs and cats. But they all have two things in common: staggering three-year growth rates and TEC Canada membership.

AirSprint Inc.

Marry Vanderkooi

Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer at AirSprint Inc. | TEC Canada Member 

AirSprint’s Fractional Ownership Program gives you all the advantages of having a private jet on-call without the challenges that come with upkeep, maintenance and staff. As an AirSprint Fractional Owner, you invest in one specific serial-numbered aircraft. You then get guaranteed access to a private jet of the same type whenever you need it, fuelled up and ready to go, with as little as 8 hours’ notice. You’ll never miss an important meeting, family weekend or event you’ve just got to get to.

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“Marry is an exceptionally motivated and empathetic leader. Her strong financial acumen is just one of the many attributes that make her an invaluable member of our group. Marry’s strength also emanates from her exceptional interpersonal skills, which enable her to understand the human aspect of leadership. Her passion for travel, her sense of humour, and her lightheartedness are what truly set her apart as one of our most cherished members.”

Lori Ell

TEC Chair, Excellence & Master Chair, in Calgary, AB

Barricades and Signs Ltd.

  • Jan van Bruggen: CEO at Barricades and Signs Ltd. | TEC Canada Member
  • Alexander Durham: Supply Chain Manager at Barricades and Signs Ltd. | TEC Canada Member
  • Kestin Earl: Director of Operations at Barricades and Signs Ltd. | TEC Canada Member
  • James Greig: Vice President of Operations at Barricades and Signs Ltd.| TEC Canada Member
  • Branden Leduc: Director Manufacturing at Barricades and Signs Ltd. | TEC Canada Member
  • Jenny Stone: Director of Finance at Barricades and Signs Ltd | TEC Canada Member

Barricades and Signs Ltd. operates as a powerhouse of traffic safety expertise, with each member dedicated to enriching their customers’ experience and adding significant value to their business partnerships. The company has curated a comprehensive suite of roadside safety products and devised versatile traffic services, providing a diverse range of solutions always on hand for their valued clientele across the majestic expanse of Western Canada.

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“This significant accomplishment is directly attributable to the inspirational leadership and strategic talents of Jan van Bruggen, guiding Barricades & Signs through turbulent times and positioning the business for an exciting future. Alongside Jan, executive James Greig and Emerging Leaders Jenny Stone, Alex Durham, and Kestin Earl, along with their teams, are rapidly growing as leaders, contributing significantly to the business’s success. Together with other senior leaders and the entire Barricades & Signs team, they represent the next generation of Canada’s entrepreneurial leaders, all contributing to this success.”

Andrew Reif

TEC Canada Master Chair in Edmonton, AB

Big Country Raw

Robert Brouwer: Co-Founder Big Country Raw Ltd  | TEC Canada Member

Bas Sluijmers: Sales Account Manager, Big Country Raw Ltd  | TEC Canada Member

Big Country Raw’s mission is to deliver raw food to its customers with minimal steps, guaranteeing the freshest and healthiest options. The company takes pride in its transparency, openly declaring that all products are manufactured in Ontario using Canadian ingredients.

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“I could not be prouder of what Rob, Geraldine and the entire Big Country Raw team have accomplished over the past 11 years. Considering their entrepreneurial spirit, personal values and the culture they have cultivated, the recognition is well deserved, and the achievement is not surprising. Their future is bright and I am confident the best is yet to come”.

Rob van Wely

TEC Canada Master Chair in Niagara Region, ON.

Cooper Equipment Rentals Limited

Darryl Cooper: President at Cooper Equipment Rentals Limited | TEC Canada Member

Whether you’re looking for compact equipment, heavy machinery, aerial, heat, pumps, trench boxes… you name it. If you need it, Cooper Equipment Rentals Limited will get it to your job site on time and in great condition. And with Cooper Equipment Rentals Limited’s service guarantee, they’re a call or text away to help you resolve anything that comes up.

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Antoine Paré: Chief Executive Officer & Partner of DashThis | TEC Canada Member 

Dashthis is an automated and easy-to-use marketing reporting tool created to help marketers save hours of work and create beautiful reports in the blink of an eye.

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“Antoine, a valued longstanding member of TEC Canada, consistently translates the insights and experiences from our meetings into meaningful actions. Witnessing his company’s presence on this year’s chart is truly gratifying, although not unexpected, given his unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and overall dedication to success.”

Louis-Samuel Jacques

Président de groupes d’entrepreneurs à entrepreneurs | TEC Canada Master and Excellence Chair in Quebec City, QC

ESG Global Advisors Inc.

Sarah Keyes: CEO of ESG Global Advisors Inc. | TEC Canada Member 

As a trusted partner of both companies and investors, ESG Global Advisors Inc. is driven by an informed belief that Environmental, Social and Governance issues matter and that businesses that incorporate them into their decision-making stand to thrive over the long term.

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“We are thrilled to be recognized among Canada’s Top Growing Companies. This is a great honour for our team members who go above and beyond to help our clients achieve ESG excellence. As a young, female CEO, my TEC Canada peer group was the sounding board and support network that I needed to achieve this rapid growth.”

Sarah Keyes

CEO of ESG Global Advisors Inc. | TEC Canada Member

“Congratulations to all at ESG Global Advisors Inc. The work you do makes a real difference, you make the world a better place. We are fortunate to have Sarah Keyes, as a member of our TEC Canada peer group, where we all challenge and support each other to make ourselves better!”

Jeremy Harvey, TEC Chair in Toronto, ON

Food Cycle Science

Bradley Crepeau: Chief Executive Officer of Food Cycle Science | TEC Canada Member 

Food waste that decomposes in landfills generates methane gas that is 30 times more harmful to the environment than the CO₂ emissions from our vehicles. The FoodCycler™ helps change that.

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“Brad’s remarkable journey from a visionary in food waste recycling to the helm of one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies is a testament to his unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. He’s not just a CEO; he’s the driving force behind Food Cycler’s mission to reduce waste and make a global impact. Brad’s dedication, strategic vision, and mentorship within our TEC group have been instrumental in supporting our member goals. We’re incredibly proud to have such an inspiring and visionary leader in our group”.

Marc Grandbois

TEC Chair in Ottawa, ON

FR Rentals

Cody Kozinuk: Chief Executive Officer of FR Rentals Ltd. | TEC Canada Member

FR Rentals takes pride in being more than just an equipment rental store. Their commitment to exceptional customer service ensures the success of any project, regardless of its size. Serving the vast East Kootenay Region and surrounding areas, from Cranbrook to Kimberly, Fernie, Sparwood, Trail, Castlegar, Nelson, Creston, Invermere, Radium, Golden, Fort MacLeod, and even Crowsnest Pass, FR Rentals is the trusted name in the industry.

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“It is with great pleasure that I share the news of Cody’s remarkable achievement. As a member of our TEC Canada CEO group, Cody has consistently demonstrated his ability to translate the insights and knowledge gained from our meetings into tangible actions for the benefit of his company, FR Rentals in Cranbrook, BC. Cody’s dedication to continuous improvement and his unwavering commitment to success are truly commendable. This achievement is a testament to his outstanding leadership and the exceptional efforts he puts into his business. Seeing Cody’s company on this prestigious list affirms that he channels the same energy, passion, and talent into FR Rentals as he does into our TEC Canada group meetings each month. “

Barry Brad

TEC Chair in Calgary, AB

Insight Psychological Inc.

Cory Hrushka: Chief Executive Officer of Insight Psychological Inc. | TEC Canada Member 

Insight Psychological Inc. is dedicated to assisting individuals in optimizing their lives. Their mission revolves around enhancing the lives of all those they serve.

Their vision is to become the most trusted and sought-after provider of high-quality, multi-specialty psychological care in every community they serve.

Guided by key values such as excellence in services, integrity in action, as well as warmth and compassion in client care, Insight Psychological Inc. is committed to providing exceptional support to their clients.

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“Dr. Cory Hrushka is one of our newest members of the TEC team and his leadership shows in the growth that the company has been able to sustain. Being acknowledged for this award for the 3rd year in a row is a huge achievement! The expansion of new products and services, additional therapists and the opening of new locations have contributed to his success. Cory is a very humble leader and truly credits his team for the growth they have achieved today. His passion for his business and his continued support of the local community continue to show the strength that Cory brings to the team. Considering the entrepreneurial spirit, the people and the culture they have created, the recognition is well deserved! With their new corporate services product launch this year, they will continue to excel and we are honoured to have him as one of our members.”

Deb Milimaka Miles

TEC Chair in Edmonton, AB

Isaac Operations

Nicholas Boragina: Managing Partner at Isaac Operations | TEC Canada Member

Isaac Operations distinguishes itself from typical consultancies through its unique approach. They operate collaboratively, working alongside their clients instead of for them, aiming to simplify complexities, unlock untapped potential, and identify opportunities, regardless of their scale. Isaac Operations specializes in crafting ingenious solutions that are not only clear and tangible but also highly impactful.

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“Congratulations to Nick and his partners. They have created a very dynamic company with a terrific culture that will continue to grow rapidly for a long time to come.”

Paul Hunt

TEC Chair in Toronto, ON

IVEY Group

Antonio Lopez: Founding Partner of IVEY Group and the VP of International Recruitment | TEC Canada Member

Anthony Lawley: Founding Partner and President of IVEY Group | TEC Canada Member

IVEY Group is a full-service international recruitment and corporate immigration firm. Our team helps employers to find, recruit and integrate qualified workers into their local operations. Our Sudbury-based headquarters, with offices in Toronto and Montreal, work with both businesses and individuals to meet their skilled labour and immigration needs.

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“Congratulations to Anthony Lawley, Antonio Lopez, and the entire team at IVEY GROUP for bringing a unique recruitment model to Canada. Labour and Talent is one of our most looming issues in this country, and we applaud your efforts in making a significant difference in this field.”

Linda Martin

TEC Chair in Toronto, ON


John Sicard: President and CEO at Kinaxis | TEC Canada Member

The world has changed and agility matters more than ever. Will your teams be empowered with the right answers? Kinaxis builds AI-driven supply chain management software that delivers the agility needed to absorb today’s disruptions. Kinaxis is here to help you take your supply chain transformation to the next level.

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“Kinaxis is a great success story. They are an awesome company for many reasons, among them, they have a great offering, an exceptionally talented leadership team, clear purpose, they take care of their employees well beyond what other companies do, and they has created a very intentional culture that serves them really well and a customer focus that has allowed them to have the biggest brands in the world as clients. A Canadian gem.”

Carlos Fox

TEC Canada Master Chair in Ottawa, ON

Nerva Energy Group Inc.

Rob Hallewick: Chief Executive Officer and President of Nerva Energy Group Inc. | TEC Canada Member 

“As one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, NERVA’s recognition underscores our team’s dedication and commitment to reshaping energy performance. As a self-funded private corporation, our aggressive growth stems from our unique energy solutions for large-scale buildings. As Canada intensifies its energy conservation efforts, NERVA is poised at the vanguard of innovative solutions, driving both financial and environmental benefits for our clients.” – Rob Hallewick, CEO of NERVA Energy Group Inc. | TEC Canada Member 

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Kris Robillard: Chief Operating Officer of iFathom Corp | TEC Canada Member

iFathom’s core purpose revolves around connecting partners with the talent they require, precisely when they need it. This ability stems from their relentless pursuit of the finest talent across diverse markets, lines of business, and specialized niches. iFathom invests considerable effort in proactive talent sourcing, rigorous assessment, skill development, and talent management. This dedication ensures that they can promptly deliver top-notch talent to their partners without compromising on quality.

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“As a proud member of TEC Canada, I have found a valuable partner in achieving staffing success. In the face of market adversity, we navigate together, drawing strength from peer support, fostering resilience, and nurturing leadership growth. TEC’s extensive network provides us with a wealth of industry insights and invaluable connections, enabling us to thrive, not merely adapting but also taking the lead in the ever-evolving staffing landscape.”

Kris Robillard Chief Operating Officer of iFathom Corp | TEC Canada Member

Levio Affaires et Technologies

Richard Belanger: Associé, Responsable de l’unité | TEC Canada Member 

Levio is a digital native business and technology consulting firm.

As a true partner from start to finish, Levio’s goal is a long-lasting transformation that’s right for your business model. They provide a tailored approach, streamlined execution and a commitment to deliver digital transformation ventures that create value and measurable achievements.

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“As a TEC Chair, I never know how my members really behave in their daily work. However, seeing Levio listed once more among the fastest-growing companies, there’s no question that Richard channels the same energy, passion, and talent into his company and clients as he does into his TEC Canada group meetings each month.”

Louis-Samuel Jacques

TEC Chair in Quebec, QC

Lim Geomatics

Kevin Lim: President & CEO of Lim Geomatics | TEC Canada Member

Founded in 2006, Lim Geomatics is committed to innovation. They are focused on developing geospatial software that helps forestry companies to be more efficient and productive with their forest planning, management, and harvest operations.

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“Congratulations to Kevin Lim, CEO of Lim Geomatics Inc. for being listed on the Globe and Mail’s ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies for three years running. It is a well-deserved honour.”

Dwight Mihalicz

TEC Chair, in Ottawa, ON


Lachlan Henderson: President of Orangutech | TEC Canada Member

Orangutech relies on over 15 years of experience at over 60% of core Canadian Government departments to deliver modern and effective solutions with measurable results. Orangutech proudly supports the Canadian Federal Government’s “cloud-first” commitment with a collection of effective software and services.

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“Lachlan’s journey with Orangutech is nothing short of extraordinary. As the President, he’s not only a source of unparalleled knowledge but also a driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth. Under his leadership, Orangutech achieved over 300% revenue growth, all while establishing the essential infrastructure for sustained progress. Lachlan’s innovative spirit has paved the way for new lines of business and invaluable strategic partnerships. His mentorship within our TEC Canada group is a true asset, and we’re incredibly proud to have such an inspiring and visionary leader in our group. “

Marc Grandbois

TEC Chair, in Ottawa, ON

Promotional Source Corporation

Craig Kaplan: President of Promotional Source Corporation| TEC Canada Member

Promotional Source enables businesses to stand out from their competitors, create memorable client experiences, and solidify their brand. They make all of this possible and more for their clients in Montreal and Southern Ontario, including Oakville, Toronto, Barrie, Collingwood, Bracebridge, and Waterloo. With over a decade of experience in the promotional products industry, Promotional Source attributes its success to its unparalleled selection of products, uncompromising customer service, and fast turnaround times.

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“Craig has emerged as a leader in the promotional industry. Through a series of acquisitions and hiring a terrific team he has built a wonderful company with a bright future.”

Paul Hunt

TEC Chair in Toronto, ON

Techify Inc.

Brendan Howe: President and Chief Executive Officer of Techify Inc.| TEC Canada Member

Techify Inc. is the only company that provides Proactive Technology, Cybersecurity and Productivity powered by Data and AI. We live in a world where chaos, inefficiencies, and excuses are the norm – but not at Techify. By implementing intelligent automation and proactive solutions, Techify seamlessly connects hybrid teams, enhances cybersecurity, and significantly boosts productivity.

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Kindra Howard: Partner, Tricon Solutions Inc.| TEC Canada Member

Tricon is not a typical consulting company. Tricon sets out to fundamentally change the way consultants deliver work to clients. With an outcome-driven approach to delivering solutions, Tricon looks at every challenge with a creative lens on how best to solve the problem, considering how to add value in a cost-effective manner that clients may not have the capability or manpower to accomplish. Tricon supports clients through business transformation using practical, results-oriented techniques that deliver high-quality results.

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“Kindra is a dedicated leader who continually seeks opportunities for personal growth. She combines a remarkable blend of humility and unwavering determination. Kindra is determined not only to lead her company but also to execute an ambitious growth strategy that will propel her into a prominent leadership position within her industry. She excels at thinking outside the box and is committed to enhancing the value she delivers to her customers while fostering a caring and supportive workplace environment for her team. Her enthusiasm is nothing short of infectious, and we eagerly anticipate her presence at our TEC Canada table.”

Lori Ell

TEC Chair, Excellence & Master Chair, in Calgary, AB


Patrick Desrochers: President & Co-Founder of Ubiweb| TEC Canada Member

Website issues, modifications and SEO packages can rack up thousands a month in unforeseen costs with traditional website design agencies. Ubiweb’s mission is simple; to turn the online marketing industry on its head thanks to our all-inclusive subscription packages.

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“Like a rocket soaring through the sky, Patrick Desrochers from UBIWEB has ignited their growth and is reaching new heights at an astonishing speed. Yet, Patrick’s unwavering self-awareness, his ability to step away from the day-to-day grind of the company, and his tireless dedication to customer focus and team fulfillment set him apart as a true exemplar of success.”

Gilles Prépoint

TEC Chair in Montreal, QC

Wizmo Solutions Inc.

Craig Radford: Founder, Co-CEO at Wizmo Solutions Inc. | TEC Canada Member

Discover Wizmo Solutions’ tailor-made B2C courier network that puts you in the driver’s seat with an API-first offering.

Built for:

  • Fulfillment Centers
  • Large Retailers
  • Logistics Entities

and more.

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“Craig has consistently grown WIZMO at a rapid rate and along the way has learned a lot about how to drive profitability. Through innovation and teamwork he and his partner Alex are building a business that will continue to succeed for a long time to come.”

Paul Hunt

TEC Chair in Toronto, ON

The companies celebrated above have two things in common: they have experienced staggering three-year growth rates and their leadership executives are TEC Canada members, despite varying in size and products/services offered.


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