Every Friday, we publish a weekly update on COVID-19 and its effect on business. View our COVID-19 resources and daily webinars here.

BDC’s Tools and Support for Canadian Businesses 

BDC has published a comprehensive summary of federal and provincial government support measures for business focusing on:

  • Access to capital and other liquidity support measures
  • Measures to avoid or minimize the impact of layoffs
  • Provincial / Territorial Measures
  • Resources and Additional Information

Download BDC‘s COVID-19: Supports for Canadian Businesses PDF here.
Within the PDF, BDC details opportunities, how to mitigate risk, and create resilience in your company, so you can emerge strongly in recovery.

BDC’s Cash Flow Spreadsheets

Your cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Are you planning it strategically during this time?

BDC has published two spreadsheets for business leaders to use during this time.

Download BDC’s Monthly Projection spreadsheet here.

Download BDC’s 13 Week Rolling Cash Flow spreadsheet here.



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