As the global market evolves and becomes more crowded, building strong and sustainable partnerships is imperative in fueling high growth and distinguishing top-performing sales leaders from the rest of the pack. By watching the previously-recorded “Profitable Partnerships that Last” webinar led by Agnes Lan, viewers will become equipped with best practices to improve client retention, maximize ROI, and become indispensable partners by creating the most value for key clients.

Having long-standing partnerships with Scotiabank, 680 News, Canadian Professional Sales Association, Business Development Bank of Canada, and Toronto Regional Board of Trade, among others, Agnes Lan has first-hand experience in developing mutually beneficial relationships. In this presentation, Agnes shares her do’s and don’ts, and real-world “hacks” that she has accumulated through her 20+ years of positioning leadership teams to drive more profitable and predictable growth. Viewers can expect to gain deeper insights surrounding:

  • Methodologies to create solid account relationships that maximize annual revenue and account retention.
  • Tools to develop joint business growth strategies with your key accounts, as well as strong strategic alliances.
  • Diagnostic processes to systematically review your account progress and account strategies.
  • Sales assessments to understand if your selling style works today.
  • Internal operations adjustments to add real value to your customers’ bottom line.
  • Standardization to go beyond the strategic accounts individually and look at the development of Standard Operating Systems for growth accounts.

In an increasingly crowded consumer landscape, businesses are always looking to innovate and get a leg up on the competition. One way companies can do this is through collaborations and partnerships. Make sure not to miss this important session and uncover the deeper insights your organization needs to thrive in today’s economy!

Press play below to watch the “Profitable Partnerships That Last” webinar led by Agnes Lan

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