How to Own Your Story: The Power and Purpose of Strategic Storytelling

novembre 16th, 2022|Évènements, Upcoming Webinars|

This upcoming webinar will provide tips and tricks on effectively utilizing narratives to help you grow in confidence, clarity, and conviction. By understanding and employing these principles, you'll be well-equipped to communicate your vision and inspire those around you.

Taste of TEC – CEO Tools – « Future-Proofing » Your Business & Outpacing Change

août 17th, 2022|Évènements, Upcoming Events|

TEC Speaker, Jim Canfield, can help you achieve. Known as the “leader of leaders”, Canfield’s presentation is designed to develop CEOs and management teams and enhance overall quality of life. The current unique economic landscape is far from business as usual—encompassing inflationary pressures and a looming recession, leaders need to be prepared. At this upcoming Taste of TEC event, Canfield will share insights and tools to help leaders identify where they stand, how to get ahead, plan, outpace change and accomplish their goals during this unprecedented time.

Taste of TEC Chairing – Learn How You Could Champion the Growth of Today’s Leaders

juillet 22nd, 2022|Évènements, Upcoming Events|

You are part coach, mentor, guide, confidant, and inspiration. Launching a TEC Canada Chair practice will provide you with some of the most meaningful work you have ever done.

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