As Public Health Restrictions designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 continue to be imposed in major cities across the country – it begs the question: is there a more effective way to save the livelihood of both people and businesses? Dr. Jeff Shaw has the answers.

Throughout this timely and thought-provoking webinar led by Dr. Jeffrey Shaw, President & Director of Medicine for Pandemic Solutions, attendees will hear why lockdowns are not the answer and what steps businesses need to take to operate at an efficient capacity while keeping the public safe. If you’re interested in hearing a data-driven approach to fighting COVID-19, Dr. Jeff Shaw’s expert perspective on the overall health and economic consequences of a large-scale shutdown covers topics including:

  • Working in a bubble: How can businesses reopen while limiting the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks
  • A data-driven approach to fighting COVID-19: What the numbers tell us about effective measures and why lockdowns are not the answer
  • Health consequences of isolation and economic hardship

About Dr. Jeff Shaw

Dr. Jeffrey Shaw is completing his Critical Care training at the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary after finishing two three-year residency training programs in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He is the President & Director of Medicine for Pandemic Solutions, a business launched at the height of the pandemic that works with businesses in preparedness – while advising strategies and initiatives to keep organizations open. To learn more about Pandemic Solutions, please visit their website here.

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