Ed McClelland was recognized with the 2022 TEC Master Chair Award and Chair Excellence Award. For more information on our 2022 Chair Awards, please click here

Ed McClelland

Hamilton/ Burlington / Toronto, ON

Great leaders help people discover and grow their talents and abilities to achieve success beyond what they thought possible. I have seen how much more can be accomplished when leaders lead by lifting others.

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Ed McClelland believes that discovering and developing your talents is a lifelong pursuit. He helps his members identify and develop their leadership talents and abilities to achieve their personal and professional goals. He does this by cultivating high levels of trust and openness in his groups to create a safe, trusting yet challenging environment.

With 30+ years leading corporations, Ed is a skilled senior executive. He honed his passion for business and talent for finance working for Borg Warner Finance and then CIBC Finance. He rose in both organizations to the level of Senior Vice President and President. A highlight of his career was the launch of Borg Warner’s Australian division. He successfully grew the organization and sold it five years later for $200 million.

For over 15 years, Ed has helped more than 125 members as a TEC Chair. He is always seeking business leaders who are deeply committed to their growth and equally willing to contribute to the growth of others.

TEC Group Vision

“To create a credible and challenging environment that brings together old and new ideas to inspire growth and lifelong learning.”


  • Lives with his wife in Burlington, ON
  • Father of two successful entrepreneurial daughters, Melissa and Kate
  • Past Corporate Director of several companies including Bauman McKay Insurance
  • Past Chairman of Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation
  • Enjoys golfing and hiking Ontario’s beautiful Tom Thomson country

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