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Navigating The Talent Gap: How Aging Population & Immigration are Reshaping the Canadian Workforce

The aging population and immigration shape the Canadian workforce, and organizations must adapt to this changing landscape. In this on-demand webinar, Eddie LeMoine (2022 TEC Canada Speaker of the Year) shares insights on how businesses can successfully navigate the talent gap caused by these factors. He explores the potential of immigration as a pipeline of talent and emphasizes the importance of knowledge transfer programs for millennials. Additionally, he discusses how automation could fill the gap in the workforce, particularly in manual labour, manufacturing, analytics, service, and other areas.

Watch this on-demand webinar below and arm yourself with powerful tools and strategies to reshape your workforce for the better. The knowledge gained from this session will empower your organization to not only survive but thrive amidst the challenges posed by evolving demographics. Transform your future today, and discover how to position your organization for lasting success.

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