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Mental Health and Work – Part Two: The Impact of Mental Health on the Bottom Line

There is a clear link between improved employee mental health and better organizational performance.

During this webinar, you’ll be presented with The Cost of Anxiety & Depression Calculator© to quantify how much anxiety and depression could be impacting your organization through lost productivity.

Furthermore, you’ll gain deeper insights into concepts including:

  • How to quantify the issue with The Cost of Anxiety & Depression Calculator©
  • Descriptions, statistics, and the costs concerning Absenteeism, Presenteeism, and Turnover over the five industry sectors formatted in the tool; five sectors represent 97% of TEC/Vistage companies.
  • A case study of the costs and the positive impacts of implementing solutions.

Remember, mental wellness starts at the top of the org chart. A mentally healthy leader leads a mentally healthy organization. Don’t miss your opportunity to become a mentally healthy organization that has a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Download The Cost of Anxiety & Depression Calculator©


**This is the second webinar in the Mental Health and Work three-part series. Access part 1 here and part 3 here.


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