How Can You Turn Your Supply Chain Into a Profit Centre?

How many times have you lost out on sales because you didn’t have enough stock? How many times has your warehouse had to throw away damaged goods instead of reselling them? How many times has something been lost in transit, resulting in delays and unhappy customers? A good supply chain and effective inventory management can help minimize these problems and more, resulting in more efficient use of resources, happier customers, and higher profits for your business. Watching this previously-recorded “How to Turn Your Supply Chain Pain Into a Profit Center” TEC Canada Deeper Insights webinar led by Darrin Mitchell will help you do just that!

As Darrin notes, you must never forget that supply chain optimization is, at its core, about creating value for your business, your vendors, and your customers. It’s about adding something of value that others can’t or won’t create on their own. This means you need to look beyond your own organization and start thinking like an entrepreneur who’s always trying to provide more value—and solve more problems—for their customers. You need to be willing and able to view all organizations—including ones outside of your supply chain network—as potential suppliers or partners in innovation.

Vendor Scorecard Template

You don’t have to be an expert in all aspects of your supply chain—that’s why you have experts such as Darrin Mitchell for each step of it. But you do need a way to evaluate your various suppliers. If you don’t, how will you know which ones are top performers and which ones might be dragging down your operation? In this previously-recorded webinar, Darrin provides a step-by-step guide and walks you through how he developed his own unique scorecard system; which includes specific advice on developing your own scorecard and explains how it works in practice. Darrin’s experience across all facets of warehouse management, forecasting demand, economic order quantity (EOQ), and effective practices for customer satisfaction and supply chain optimization have helped him create a new model for business—don’t miss your opportunity to hear his insights.

About The Speaker

Over the last 20 years, Darrin Mitchell has grown an extremely successful manufacturing business –Mitchell Industries. He developed a worldwide marketing system with partners in six continents, patented intellectual property, a global supply chain, and profits 10x the industry average. The most impressive part? He did it from a small remote Island in Canada.

By viewing the previously-recorded “How to Turn Your Supply Chain Pain Into a Profit Center” webinar led by Darrin Mitchell, you can expect to become equipped with deeper insights surrounding:

  • How to clearly identify pain points in your supply chain process, and how to prepare for future likely scenarios.
  • How to build options and resilience into your supply chain.
  • How to use your supply chain to outpace your competition and grow margins.

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