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Design Thinking vs Innovation Design

This on-demand webinar featuring Lyall Samaroden delves into the exciting world of design thinking and innovation design. In this session, you’ll discover how these powerful methodologies can optimize and innovate the design of products, services, infrastructure, and processes, ultimately enhancing the user and customer experience.

Join Lyall Samaroden, an expert in the field, as he shares his deeper insights on:

  • Prioritizing people when designing solutions across various industries and sectors and how design thinking and innovation design can help create products and services that meet user and customer needs while achieving business goals.
  • The role of “people first” design in optimizing existing infrastructure and innovating processes.
  • How organizations can improve their operations and better serve their stakeholders by adopting this approach, which places the human element at the forefront.

As an attendee of this on-demand webinar, you’ll also have the opportunity to benefit from watching our pre-recorded Q&A session with Lyall Samaroden. Gain valuable insights and answers to commonly asked questions as you delve further into the topics covered in the webinar.

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Lyall Samaroden
Lyall SamarodenImplementer. Facilitator. Connector.
At the outset of his career, Lyall Samaroden worked in Advertising, Marketing and Org Development before crossing over into the Change arena. His unconventional background and his knack for applying the creative habits of Design Thinkers are key reasons why Lyall is known as a leader among change leaders.

Lyall’s client list spans industries where change is rampant; market leaders within government, media, travel, energy, and the defense sectors have turned to Lyall for execution support during times of change.

Simply put, Lyall helps individuals and teams successfully navigate the waters of change.

He is an implementer, facilitator and connector.

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