Tim Redpath was recognized with the 2023 Chair Excellence Award and Master Chair Award. For more information on our 2023 Chair Awards, please click here

Tim Redpath

Ottawa, ON

“For members to be successful, they must be willing to park their egos at the door, ask the tough questions and be open and honest with themselves and others.”

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Tim Redpath is recognized for his coaching skills, his quiet facilitative style of leadership and his strategic thinking. His passion is working with leaders who are making transformative change in their lives and their organizations and helping them achieve their goals. These are people to whom self-improvement is an unwavering state of mind, they never feel they have learned enough, and they are curious, life-long learners who are open to the world around them and to the opportunity to make a difference.

Prior to engaging with TEC, Tim was the founder and President of the successful Ottawa-based marketing and consulting firm, Train of Thoughts. His firm specialized in strategic planning, deep dive marketing research, marketing audits, market development and communications.

Additionally, he has held executive positions at Kanatek Technologies and Mitel Corporation in Ottawa, as well as senior marketing positions for Mitel Telecom and Kone Elevators in the United Kingdom.

As a TEC Chair, Tim’s goal is to empower members to take ownership of their TEC experience and to drive their fellow TEC members to achieve new heights of excellence.

TEC Group Vision

“To create high performance groups of committed CEOs that want to work with other TEC members to better develop their organizations and themselves.”


  • Lives in rural Ottawa with his wife of over 32 years, who works in the local non-profit community
  • Their three children have transitioned to independent lives and started to bless them with grandchildren
  • Past chair Ottawa Community Foundation and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
  • Studied and worked in both Canada and the UK
  • BSc Honours, University of Birmingham, UK
  • MBA, Thames Valley University, London, UK
  • Certified professional Co-Active Coach

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