Marderé Birkill was recognized with the 2022 Chair Excellence Award. For more information on our 2022 Chair Awards, please click here

Marderé Birkill

TEC Small Business CHAIR
Edmonton, AB

“My focus is to identify the core of your challenges and the most effective and efficient route to
a solution.”

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Marderé brings over 20 years of executive leadership, consulting and coaching experience with a solid foundation in strategic planning and execution. She has held various senior roles in both public and private organizations including Vice President Academic to Portage College and Executive Account Director in the IT industry.

With a Master’s in Business Leadership, Marderé has developed and taught many university-level business administration courses. In 2016, she launched Sage & Summit Consulting, coaching leaders on how to create synergistic high-performance teams. Known for her strong communication skills, transformational leadership and innovative problem-solving, she has led many internal and external teams, committees and boards to unprecedented success. She is an engaging speaker and facilitator with a talent for inspiring dynamic participation amongst an audience. Additionally, her experience working internationally has equipped her to work with diverse groups and complex human dynamics on multiple levels.

As a TEC Chair, she is committed to challenging her members to achieve their goals, get out of their own way and grow on purpose with clarity and confidence.

TEC Group Vision

“This group brings together CEOs who believe in the expansive impact of positive leadership and capitalism with a purpose. Through the application of collective wisdom, we will reach new heights.”


  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Kaplan & Norton certification in strategic planning and balance scorecard development
  • Bachelor’s in Law (University of Stellenbosch)
  • Master of Business Leadership focusing on Corporate Strategy and Change Management (University of South Africa)
  • Member of Rotary International
  • Enjoys spending time with family, going outdoors, the arts, yoga, oil painting and singing in a professional choir

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